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NOIR, Chapter 6

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After some reuben on rye and coffee, I was home. I crashed on my sofa, having made my choice of whiskey from bourbon and lemonade. I sipped and slowly washed away the memory of Holly. The memory of Maxim. The memory of what seemed to be ghosts. I shouldn't care, I barely knew her. The more I drank, the less I did. Eventually, I had forgot...

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The Dot Com, Chapter Four

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He sat in his prison cell with his orange jump suit on, sitting on the bottom of the bed that consisted of a green wool covering that didn't appear comfortable to the average taste. He could hear someone approaching beyond the cell bars. Knowing it was a guard making his or her way down, chances were ninety five percent good that the guard was a man though. It was one set of footsteps with no jingle in chains to go along with. From expe...

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Thirteen Years Of Gray, Chapter Fourteen

Posted on January 18, 2011 at 5:09 PM Comments comments (1)

Some moments later, Fredrick had turned east onto Nine Mile Road. The same road that Jackie's apartment had laid its bricks next to on the south side. They were above three miles away from the apartment, shortening there distance as they drove. Nine Mile Road in the center Warren section mainly consisted of industrial buildings. On the corners of each major intersection would be a gas station, a restaurant, a fast food joint or even a strip mall.

The two didn't spoke since ...

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Thirteen Years Of Gray, Chapter Thirteen

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Fredrick had arrived to the City of Warren own jail. He found himself a parking spot and shut of the engine. Upon entering the vehicle, he was greeted by a gust of wind.
"Woah!" Fredrick blurred to himself.
After the wind calmed down, he closed the door and made his way to the jail. When he got within twenty-five feet of the front doors. The older woman was complaining to the young man about his third time being in jail and next time he goes back, she would not bail him out. It ...

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Hardboil High: Paint it Black

Posted on December 23, 2010 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (3)

If the computer hadn’t been in the living room, Mercedes would probably spend most week nights in her bedroom alone. At the age of 14, she didn’t much mix well with her older brother Johnny anymore, and she regarded her mom as weak and stupid. She used to get along fine with her dad, but after he ran away, she decided it was as good a reason as a...

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The Dot Com: Chapter Three

Posted on November 26, 2010 at 1:28 AM Comments comments (0)

“You gotta learn how to stand-up for yourself.” Rudy said when he closed the door.

Glen didn't reply.

Rudy then noticed for himself how cold it was when the arctic wind hit his face, “Christ, its cold as fuck out here.”

“It's eighteen degrees out.” Glen told him.

“What the fuck ever, it's too cold.” To which Rudy replied.

He took a step off of the wooden porch of their Eastpointe, Michigan home, ...

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NOIR, Chapter 5

Posted on November 8, 2010 at 5:17 PM Comments comments (0)

It's a dirty, old shame when all you get from love is a love song.

I had to go and do the stupid thing. I had to go get all emotional and care. Once you care, you listen and when you listen you learn. Ignorance is bliss sometimes, kids. Remember that. I write to teach you, so listen dear reader. Read my story and learn...

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The Dot Com, Chapter Two

Posted on October 28, 2010 at 12:22 PM Comments comments (0)

Chapter Two
Tuesday, 1st of December 1998.  

"This is Toby Sanders of Z-Rock radio telling you to wake up!"
Glen put his head up from the pillow.
"Yes wake your asses up and get your ass to work! It is eighteen degrees out there in this frigid morning."

Glen looked at the alarm clock to see that it was 6:45 am. He would wake up to the alarm clock set on the radio to his favorite station 102.7 Z-Rock. One of the very few rock stations in De...

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The Dot Com, Chapter One

Posted on October 28, 2010 at 11:49 AM Comments comments (0)

Chapter One

Sunday June 28, 1998

It would be a hot Sunday in the Detroit suburb of Roseville. The Gods of Michigan weather had smiled upon its residents who wanted a nice sunny day. That they got, but what some people did not want was an awfully hot day, especially at twelve minutes past seven in the evening.

Tom Floyd, an unhappily married man of two reaching the age of forty six was in his red 1993 Buick Skylark, leaving the exit of the parking lot of ...

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Zombies: The Final Battle

Posted on October 22, 2010 at 2:42 AM Comments comments (5)

Author's Note:  this is the third and final installment of this trilogy, and a brand-new work, exclusive to My Emerald Dragon dot com


I was sprawled on the tar roof of the warehouse on my belly, squinting down the sights of the rifle with my one eye.  I lined up one lurching, drooling target...

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