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Sturck (ii)

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  Danny pulled Wynona’s backpack from around the stair banister and slipped it onto her shoulders. It was her first day at a school with humans and not other HDH students. He remembered her telling him that when she lived in Com. 4, her HDH gated community, she went to school with kids like her, lived with people like her, did everything with people like herself until May 3rd, 2096, the day of The Shift.


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Struck (i)

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    “She is one of those subhuman things … you realize that? If you accept to take her in, I assure you, it will be undoubtedly difficult,” the woman stated as she shuffled through a plethora of files in her cabinet drawer.

  The couple shared a glance and, in unison, sighed. Philip picked at the nail on his index finger, he was unsure. Danny wasn’t. He knew what he wanted. T...

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Umpqua Island Chapter III

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Jacob Carson exited Interstate 5 and continued cruising on Highway 38, a winding, two-lane pavement for the one hour ride to Reedsport, Oregon. Three months ago, Jake had been discharged from the Army after completing a tour each in Iraq and Afghanistan. Less than a week later, he had purchased the old R-50 BMW motorcycle he was now riding. The vintage bike, with its quiet 500cc boxer engine, ran as smooth as the day it was new. The bike hummed along and responded well through the curves and ...

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Of course there is always

Monsieur Giron to go back

To, he has said he would take


Coco anywhere she wanted

To go, take her to see whatever

She wanted to see, feel whatever


She wanted to feel, but Coco

Has had enough of all men,

Especially now she has met


Nanon with her dark eyes

And kissable lips and a voice

To bring angels from Heaven


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Umpqua Island Chapter II

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Umpqua Island

Chapter II


ERC Research Laboratories

Seattle, Washington


The ERC Research Lab is located within the top three floors of the eight-story Davenport Building located on the corner of Pacific and 4th Ave. The bottom two floors, a fashionable ladies apparel and boutique, the next three a mix of upscale offices make up the balance. A six story parking structure on the opposite side of Pacific St. has two glass covered skywalks to the ...

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A Shot Too Far

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Sharpe sat in silence for what seemed an age as the president strolled over to the large bow window which looked out across an acre of green and well-watered lawn. The empty glass in his hand had been refilled by his captor prior to the issuing of the thinly veiled threat.


So that was it. He had been suckered in to the dictatorR...

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Umpqua Island Chapter I

Posted on June 6, 2010 at 7:07 PM Comments comments (3)

Covered with a perpetual layering of dull-red dust, the U. S. Army 509th Field Hospital, located sixty miles south of Kandahar, is nearly indiscernible upon the barren Afghan plain. A single-lane gravel road leads north and south from the cluster of large inflatable domes, but nearly all arrivals and departures are by helicopter.


Specialist 4th Class Cabe Murdoch exited the dual-rotor Chinook supply helicopter and walked briskly to the nearest building. Cabe, a Medic assign...

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Umpqua Island - Prologue

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Umpqua River, Oregon

Late Summer, 2002


Charlie eased back on the oars, allowing the wooden drift boat to stall in the river current. The boy, standing in the bow, focused on the boulder slightly downstream on his left. While waiting for the best angle to present the fly, he stripped line from the flyreel, the slack coils gathering at his feet. The old man, wearing a ball cap over his long graying hair, dipped his left oar causing the bow to glide in the same direction...

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The Thirteen Years Of Gray, Chapter Four

Posted on June 4, 2010 at 10:42 AM Comments comments (1)

Saturday 16th of February 2008

  Jackie sat in a bus shelter on an extremely cold and bitter day in the industrial mini-city of Warren, Michigan. It was a cold Saturday with snow on the ground that came by two days ago. Although the weatherman this morning said that there was no snow coming down until after midnight, he did state that it was going to be a bitter cold day, so if needed to go somewhere, suit up. Jackie listened well, with her purple coat she had purchased from th...

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The Thirteen Years Of Gray, Chapter Three

Posted on June 3, 2010 at 11:57 AM Comments comments (1)

  A moment later, Mary Hasserman had peeked into Lori's personal room to see Jackie making her way out of it, but Mary stopped her. 

"Hi, Jackie." Mary said. This was somewhat of a shocker to Jackie. Mary was actually being nice to her, she had a smile. This must be a joke. Was Tina being a fake? Did she want Jackie to blab out that she hated working for Joel and Mary Hasserman? 

"Jackie, you don't have to rush on this, but Lori needs help with the coffee coo...

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