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Dream Chronicles, part 3

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Of Dragon Summoners and Worldly Portals


Flashback # 1.

Colors are dull to indicate a flashback. Only the significant materials are vibrant.

EXT. Early morning. Mist covers a farm hill. 


A small crowd gathers in front of the farmhouse. A young Anuwe, around 16 sixteen years of age, walks toward it.  Stooping, she pulls out a ...

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The Dream Chronicles, part 2

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Of Blood-stained Hems and Rusty Submarines


EXT. Hillside.Day.

Her light- green eyes slowly open.  They see a pair of feet.  She looks up and sees a great big tree nearby and walks over to it.


The woman touches the bark.  The wind sways around her long slender body and plays with her long golden- brown hair, and kisses her shimmering red lips.  She wears a long- flowing skirt made o...

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The Dream Chronicles, part 1

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Twenty somewhat years ago, I started remembering my nightly dreams, most of which I realized were tied together. Continuous. Like those weekly television shows that have season finales. So I started writing them down.  And just last Semptember 2009, I decided on writing a book based on these dreams but now seem to work better as a graphic novel in the making.

The images you will see here are made using stock photos from

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Lyrics by Me

Music & Performance by Mahal Adams

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