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20th of February, 1971

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 It was a typical cold and wintry day in Detroit when I awoke at 3:55am to take off to work VIA a public bus to the radio station I work with. WRQ 700 AM, of Detroit was trying to keep the ears by the radio and the eyes away from the TV with our music made in the fifties and the early sixties. I would start the day at 5:45am going through the program plan which was a usual rundown of what was expected. Every Saturday would be a test from The United States Civil Defense System, or ot...

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Mourning In Hochington - Day One / III

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    It was 6:45pm, and the Auto Shop closed early and the ten employees there, working that day or not working were in the side office celebrating with some food and of course two cakes from Hochington Bakery. The owners bought Chinese food for everyone who worked there and was attending the party. There was a pile of people inside the office, Clayton decided to sit in the closed garage by a light not wanting to be with the pile of people. 

He was eating his Chin...

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Mourning In Hochington - Day One / II

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     Clayton was working at his afternoon to night job at the auto care place in Hochington. Basic duties were to service the cars from fixing any flat tires to fixing any engine problems. Clayton, while in the Corps, had taken some of his college money handed to him from the US Government to brush up on his skills as a mechanic, but never used them until seven months previously. It was something he had took the time to get the certification while serving in the Marine Corps. H...

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Mourning In Hochington - Day One / I

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NOTE: This is just a preivew of Day One in my book Mourning In Hochington Volume One. You can find it on Kindle.

Day One
Thursday, 15th of May.

     It was a bright Thursday morning in the second week of May, in the town of Hochington. A town with a Main Street and a Union Street with just two traffic lights directing traffic in the main cross roads. A beautiful neighborhood with Victorian Style homes mainly outside of town with Frank Lloyd...

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Thirteen Years Of Gray, Chapter Eighteen

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"Hey?" Said a male voice coming from her left.

Jackie heard the voice, but she didn't acknowledge it.

"Hey!" Again, from that same voice.

She looked up towards the voice to see a bulky male uniformed officer walking towards her cell, "You get a phone call. I'm going to open the door, don't do anything stupid."

Jackie didn't pull any tricks out of her sleeve and allowed the officer to walk her out. He led her to a pay phone that was inside the main ...

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Thirteen Years Of Gray, Chapter Seventeen

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And a few hours later, Jackie sat in a nine-by-ten jail cell, courtesy of the Southfield police department. She sat on the uncomfortable bed looking down in defeat. She didn't get what she wanted. She exited out of the hotel and into the back of a police car with news cameras floating on by to keep the camera on her. On her ride to the police station, she admitted to wanting to murder Lila Haas, so Mary would understand how harsh reality could be. In her thoughts, if she succeeded in ta...

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Thirteen Years Of Gray, Chapter Sixteen

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"So, you and Joel are no longer you and Joel?" Jackie asked Mary.

Mary with a plugged bloody nose nodded.

Jackie smiled, she had the gun was pointed at her while a Lila with a deep cut on her face, had laid on the bed crying, drops of blood had stained the comforter of the bed. Indeed, Jackie gave her a soon to be permanent scare, unless surgery can take care of that problem.
If provided she escapes with her life.
Then Jackie asked, "What happened? Did he th...

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Thirteen Years Of Gray, Chapter Fifteen

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And still Jackie sat on the chair while holding Mary and Lila hostage. The clock read Seven Thirty-Five pm. Lila had grown some bravery over the passing minutes and sat away from her mother. The bravery to look Jackie in the face wasn't quite there. But since she could guess that she was probably going to die very soon, she did have some questions. Then the statistic she heard of in the past had come to her mind. If someone was going to kill you, most times, they usually do so within the...

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The Dot Com, Chapter Four

Posted on January 18, 2011 at 5:31 PM Comments comments (0)

He sat in his prison cell with his orange jump suit on, sitting on the bottom of the bed that consisted of a green wool covering that didn't appear comfortable to the average taste. He could hear someone approaching beyond the cell bars. Knowing it was a guard making his or her way down, chances were ninety five percent good that the guard was a man though. It was one set of footsteps with no jingle in chains to go along with. From expe...

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Thirteen Years Of Gray, Chapter Fourteen

Posted on January 18, 2011 at 5:09 PM Comments comments (1)

Some moments later, Fredrick had turned east onto Nine Mile Road. The same road that Jackie's apartment had laid its bricks next to on the south side. They were above three miles away from the apartment, shortening there distance as they drove. Nine Mile Road in the center Warren section mainly consisted of industrial buildings. On the corners of each major intersection would be a gas station, a restaurant, a fast food joint or even a strip mall.

The two didn't spoke since ...

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