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The Dream Chronicles, part 2

Posted on May 25, 2010 at 12:34 AM

Of Blood-stained Hems and Rusty Submarines


EXT. Hillside.Day.

Her light- green eyes slowly open.  They see a pair of feet.  She looks up and sees a great big tree nearby and walks over to it.


The woman touches the bark.  The wind sways around her long slender body and plays with her long golden- brown hair, and kisses her shimmering red lips.  She wears a long- flowing skirt made of soft triple-layers of light blue cloth, and a white top with small splashes of baby blues.


She blinks several times and looks down at her bare feet, and under it, the grass and dirt.




She looks up at the tree leaves.


I told you not to hum that song, Nuva.




Nuva comes out from the other side of the great big tree. She is a petite pudgy girl with chocolate- brown hair, light-olive skin and freckles, emerald eyes, and a big pouting mouth.


Sorry, Anuwe. 

I keep forgetting.



Nuva places leather sandals by Anuwe’s feet.



She slips on the sandals.  She is still touching the tree bark and tilting her head, she looks at the branches, dazed.


So what is it this time?


Nuva hesitates.  She plays with her fingers.



They need you by the pool again. 


Anuwe swings around to look at Nuva, making her flowing skirt dance.



Do they?! (Sarcastically)





EXT. Day.  A clubhouse made of marble stone.  People are scattered.  Kids are swimming and playing.


The clubhouse has an Olympic- sized swimming pool, an oval kiddies pool, and a lap pool.  There in the center is an open-air establishment where the food and beverages are.


Near the lap pool lays a large shed.  In that shed, the people are all wearing white clothes. Some are smoking and some are drinking, some sitting down and standing up.


Anuwe enters with Nuva behind her, who looks nervous. They walk past the pools. Anuwe walks straight up to an elderly man in a white toga who is sitting on an iron-wrought chair.  He has silver hair that is receding from the forehead. His silver beard and moustache sparkles. The hems of his toga are stained with old blood.


The crowd becomes silent as they all watch.  The kids stop playing and they stare at the newcomers.




(Heaves a big sigh)

Hello, Gerald.





He stands up and embraces her.


What great a day to see you. 

Come,come! Sit.


A chair nearby is emptied and placed behind her.




I was awoken by your summoning, Gerald. 

You know how tired I am, so please do not judge my tone of voice with anything negative. 

I just feel …cranky.



Yes,yes! Of course.  Not to worry.  I will be straight to the point.

(He smiles but itdoes not look friendly.)


You remember King Judal, don’t you?



Broken images flash immediately in Anuwe’s mind.


A mighty dragon fending off army troops in a valley. It had three large eggs behind it, and it was protecting them from the intruders.


A middle-aged man sits on his mighty throne in the middle of a gloomy meadow. There is a lightning storm in the distance. His royal belongings scattered everywhere about him.  His face looks old and weary.  A soft, gentle hand reaches out and soothes his face.




Yes, of course.

Whatnews of the great king of old?



Well, he has asked for your presence, of course. 

Such important news should not be held from you too long. 

He has been waiting, my lady Anuwe,

for you.




(Her cheeks flush.)

Then I will go see him.


She stands up and starts to walk away.



We miss you by the poolside, you know. 

Come back to us soon.

(He gives another grin.)



(While walking away,Anuwe speaks but does not look back.)

I always do, Gerald.

Even when I don’t want to.


Nuva then nervously kisses the bloodstained hem of Gerald’s toga, bows, and then walks hurriedly toward Anuwe.


Anuwe stops by the lap pool.  She sees a little boy, fat and wet, sitting by the edge.  He is staring at her, his mouth hanging open.  She looks at the ripples on the pool, bends down, and reaches for the water. 

The pool suddenly drains itself dry.  Twenty feet down she sees a small submarine, old, rusty, and creaking.





EXT. Day. Small subdivision in a city.


Streets are empty like a ghost town except for a big dog that can be heard barking in the distance. 

Anuwe and Nuva walk the cracked streets, approaching a bungalow house at the end of a winding road.


The house looks likethe old 1970’s style, with adobe stones on the walls, and a small patch of garden in the front that is surrounded by a black metal grid gate.


Anuwe opens the creaking old gate, walks toward the main entrance door, and they enter.


The door opens to a dim hallway with a door to the left, and 2 two doors to the right.  Strange paintings hang on the walls.  Further down the hallway, they can see a bigger garden beyond a patio where the daylight shines. There is a lonely silhouette of a circular dining table near the patio doors.


Anuwe opens the door on the left of the hallway.


They enter a small rectangular room.  There is a single bed on the left wall.  A piano with some broken keys sits on the right wall next to the window panels. At the end of the room are dress cabinets and a dresser table in between.  A small -lighted candle burns on top of the table. Anuwe walks over to it and blows it out.


As the smoke from the candle curls up, Anuwe closes her eyes and hums the tuneless tune.  Nuva stays by the doorway and glances at the cabinets.


They shiver.


In the bedroom’s darkness, a light glows from inside the cabinets.  Nuva steps up and opens one.  There are steps going down.  Anuwe takes the candle in her hand and walks in.  Nuva follows, closing the cabinet door behind her.




INT. Winding staircase.


Anuwe and Nuva walk slowly down the stairs.  The candlelights up on its own and glows a blue flame.  The winding staircase is narrow and deep.  The steps are made of metal. 


They come to the end and see a large metal door that looks like those inside submarines.


There is a sign on the door.  Unreadable characters.  They turn the handle open.




INT. Old ship.



How long has it been since you’ve been here, Nuva?  Is your family still living?



Yes, ma’am.  They still reside here. 

Loyalty is one of our proudest factors.  It cannot be easily willed- away.



And for that, I am grateful for. 

Once I am with the king, please bring yourself to your family. 

I know how much they miss you.




Thank you, ma’am.


Nuva’s eyes become teary.  She whispers another thank you.


They walk along a winding hall of old wooden planks and thick curtained windows.  A royal but faded carpet lies under their feet.


They approach another door, this time made of wood, enriched with detailed carvings.  Anuwe opens it.

(To be continued)




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Reply jipper
7:22 PM on June 5, 2010 
This has such a dreamland quality, yet the dialogue flows with such a natural reality.
Enjoyable lightness to it.
An easy read, no bumps, just fun to read.