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Dream Chronicles, part 3

Posted on May 26, 2010 at 10:00 AM


Of Dragon Summoners and Worldly Portals


Flashback # 1.

Colors are dull to indicate a flashback. Only the significant materials are vibrant.

EXT. Early morning. Mist covers a farm hill. 


A small crowd gathers in front of the farmhouse. A young Anuwe, around 16 sixteen years of age, walks toward it.  Stooping, she pulls out a dagger attached to one of her slender legs. She approaches with caution. Her long golden- brown hair flowing freely in the wind.


A deep growl can be heard from inside the warehouse. She stops and looks back. The elders egged her on.



Do not be afraid!

The dragon feeds on fear.



Smite it now while it sleeps!



The young girl continues toward the warehouse.  Sweat trickles down her brow.  She slowly pushes the door open.  A toad that sits in the middle of the path croaks at her and leaps away.


She looks around, keeping one hand on the door and the other tightly squeezed around the dagger.  The air is warm inside. 


She walks forward slowly, letting the door close softly. The warehouse is much bigger from the inside.  She studies the wooden beams on the ceiling. 


Before speaking, she heaves a big sigh.


Young Anuwe

               I know you know that I am here. 

Show yourself to me!


Deep Male Voice

And why would I do such a thing,

young one?


Young Anuwe

Your presence has not been welcome in these parts. 

You have destroyed the treaty and they sent me to deal this matter with you.


Deep Male Voice

They sent a child to do this?


Young Anuwe straightens her back and inches forward.


You do know that I can kill you easily, don’t you? 

Why bother to wake me for a pitiful playtime to your doom?



Young Anuwe

I awake you now to collect you because you are lost,

and because I am the only remaining dragon collector who lives today.


I have already fought you years ago. When I was twelve.

You decided to teach me instead of fighting me. 

You told me yourself that you could never harm me, Master Maduj.




That is why they sent me. 



Deep Male Voice / Maduj




A thundering gust of wind shakes the warehouse.  A cloud of dust twists inside and leaves it with the darkness.




Flashback # 2.

INT. Old Ship.


A chaos of people crowd inside a big cabin part of the ship.  Children and women; old men and little people.  They all get startled when they see the young Anuwe coming out from the door. She is now 18 eighteen years old.


An elderly woman named Danduca approaches Anuwe and clasps her hands unto hers, kissing them.



Oh,Anuwe!  You are indeed a light in this dark hour. 

I am so glad you’ve come!


The king.  You must see the king!



Where is he, Danduca? Lead me to him.




I saw him not a while ago leaving th eship. 

He went back, Anuwe!



Back?… Danduca, what is going on?

Why are all of you here and not in the castle?



They …they finally came.  He betrayed us all. 

We go to hiding now, or else the fire will reach us just like it did in Malunbi.


Please, you must hurry!


Anuwe weaves through the crowd to get to the other end of the cabin room.  People smile faintly while others kiss her clothes as she passed them by. Some are crying in the corners.


Anuwe opens the other door and rushes out.





Flashback # 2 continuation.

EXT. Gloomy day. Meadow.


Anuwe steps unto avast circular meadow that dips toward the center, just like a bowl shape.  A forest surrounds it.  Rain clouds appear above.  There is a lightning storm in the distance.  On the other edge of the dipping meadow lies a castle, old and grey.  There is scattered furniture all around.  A beast that also shifts into a man sits on a golden throne in the middle of the meadow.  He is big and muscular, but looks tired and weak.  He wears a deep-blue cape and a simple crown.


Anuwe walks toward him.  His face is down, leaning against one hand, and his eyes are closed.  She reaches out to his face and caresses his cheek.


He opens his eyes.


King Judal


Anuwe …

King Judal suddenly stands up.  His eyes wide with fear.


Anuwe! No!  You must not be here!




Anuwe is frightened and confused.

               I … I came as soon as I was summoned.

Areyou all right?


King Judal holds onto her hand on his cheek.  She goes closer to him.


Dearest King, would you please tell me what is going on? 

Your citizens are on a ship sailing away from here. 

They all look frightened.



And why are all your belongings outside the castle?


King Judal

He betrayed us.  All is lost.

You MUSTget out of here!


They look into each other’s eyes.  He holds on to her hands tightly.  Anuwe’s eyes are full of questions.  A bell rings from the castle.  Anuwe looks up.  The wind is blowing harder now.  Trumpets blare from the towers. 


She sees a figure of a man wearing a blood red cape on one of the towers’ balconies. 




Gerald?!  No …

(Shouts to King Judal)

But Gerald summoned me here.  I don’t understand …


King Judal

It was all a trap, Anuwe. 

He has taken over Castle Lombard. 

He took the Stone of Lakeshore and killed the last Mother Dragon. 

There are three dragon eggs about to hatch,

and he will use the Stone to kill them as well!


Anuwe’s eyes flare with red, and she suddenly glides through the thick meadow grass heading for the foot of the castle. 

Gerald stands still, looking down at her approach. 

He smiles.


Thunder cracks the sky.  As Anuwe speeds near the castle, a slow- moving shadow snakes through the forest and toward the meadow.  Another set of trumpets sound off and catches Anuwe off her guard.  She stops abruptly and looks toward the direction of the new sound.


A huge army that wears uniforms similar to the old army troops during the American Civil War storm out from the forest.  They surround the edges of the meadow. They halt.


Anuwe looks aroundher and back to the castle.  Her eyes fixed on Gerald.  She shouts out to him.



I am the only one who can wield the power of the Dragons, Gerald! 

Your scheme is useless. 

Surrender now and be ready to face your justice!


Gerald scowls with laughter.  He then slowly reaches his hand out and reveals a gleaming red stone in his palm. 

The Stone of Lakeshore.



You underestimate me too much, Anuwe. 

I am not just a summoner anymore. 

I have studied the skills of you Dragon Collectors,and I must say it was very fascinating.


I have here the new force that will dominate the kingdoms that I will rule. 

And you will help me achieve it!


King Judal runs towardAnuwe and stands beside her.  His shape-shifting face weary but angry.  Anuwe looks at her king and feels his energy. 

She knows he cannot fight.



(Whispers to King Judal while turning her focus back at Gerald.)

Too bad Master Maduj never lived long enough to see him turn into a snake. 

Then both of us could have fought him off easily.


King Judal shifts uncomfortably in his place.


King Judal

Anuwe, there is something that you need to know …


I used to be Maduj.


Anuwe swings to face King Judal, her eyes wide and more confused.  She is speechless.


King Judal clasps both of Anuwe’s arms tightly and shakes her.

King Judal

You MUST get out of here!


Gerald starts tos hout a chant while raising the gleaming red stone.  The wind blows harder and heavy rain starts to pour.  The massive metal gate of the castle opens,and out comes a large wooden wagon being pulled by six horses.


In the wagon lay three giant dragon eggs, each of a different vibrant color.  There are soldiers who unleash the horses from their reigns and they run away.


Gerald’s chant continues.  King Judal starts to cover Anuwe’s ears.  She pulls them off and starts to run toward Gerald.


As Anuwe comes closer to him, her body does involuntary movements, and she starts to stumble and fall.  She tries to get up but falls back on the ground. She feels a piercing pain in her abdomen and crouches on the ground. 

The army starts to run down from all sides of the sloping meadow, charging toward Anuwe and the three dragon eggs.


Suddenly, a sweet whistle and a song come out from King Judal’s mouth.  His man-beast shape- shifting face starts to merge and crumple.  He transforms into a half-man half- dragon creature.

He becomes the dragon Maduj.


The song envelops the whole meadow.  The dragon eggs start to quiver and stretch.  The eggs hatch, breaking the wooden wagon. Three humongous fat silk worms wiggle on the grass.  Gerald is stunned and motionless, he watches with a gaping mouth. 


King Judal continues his song; his full dragon wings now visible.  The three giant worms, with each a different color, start to wiggle ferociously.  The army stops and a few take steps back.


Claws and scalescome stretching out of the worms’ bodies. Tails spring out, and sharp teeth chomp at the worm body layers from the inside.  Three colorful dragons emerge, and they start growing bigger and bigger until they reach near the height of the castle towers. They fight off the army, blowing spouts of fire, and snarling.  They emit a horrific growl that sends some army troops to flee.


King Judal, now a half-dragon, pulls out his sword and fights. 


A sound of a slowheart beat.  It belongs to Anuwe.


She snaps out of her shock and jumps on to the castle walls and hurries toward Gerald.  As she springs onto the tower where he stands, she kicks the red stone out of his hands and catches it with her own.


She pulls out the dagger from her leg and rams it into Gerald’s stomach and pulls it up diagonally.  Blood splatters, and Gerald lies soaking in his own blood, his red cape turning a dirty white, except at the hems.


The battle ends when there was no more army left in the meadow.  The rain turns to a drizzle.


A blue-green dragon approaches Anuwe on the tower, and lets her climb its upper jaw.  She sat on it while it lowered her to the ground where King Judal waited.


King Judal

Anuwe …



She reaches out herhand towardstowardKing Judal.

Tell me everything.





INT. Woman’sBedroom. Morning. Present Day.



(In thoughts) 

Tell me everything.


She opens her eyes.  Her arm is outstretched.


She pounds her fist on the bed.

Damn it!


She does her morning routine in a daze.  She fixes her coffee, takes a bath, stares at the news channel as she sits on the couch with her feet up on the coffee table. Her mind is wandering at the dream she just had.  She feels tired.


The phone rings.  She picks it up.




Man’s voice

Hey, you’re late.  Aren’t we going?



Oh shoot! I completely forgot!

Sorry, Nick. I’m running out the door right after this.



Rough night again?  I should buy you an alarm clock, Elena.



You know how I hate those things.



Elena puts down thephone and looks out the window.  A bird is perched by the window sill. It stares at her.  She sticks out her tongue at it, turns the TV off, and walks out.




The Mall. Mid-Afternoon. Sunny.


Elena and Nick walk around.  The mall has a circular design and was built on a hillside, overlooking a valley where the residences are.  It has three floors. There are two access points to the mall, the 1st and 3rdfloor.  Since it is on the side ofa hill, there is a winding road around it.  Most of its walls are made of glass.  The stores surround the center that is a circular opening from top to bottom. There is an exhibit on the ground floor, a Wedding Expo.  The second floor has mostly shops.  The third is the grocery.


They ride the escalator up to the 3rd floor. Elena looks down at the Wedding Expo.  She catches a child staring at her from the ground floor.  The child is wearing a flower flower-girl outfit.  She smiles at her.  Elena gives back a quick smile and turns away.


After gathering their groceries, they line up to pay. Elena looks out at the large windows.  She sees the people walking on the outside.  There is a parking lot a few feet away.  A car drives past, and its tinted windows projects the sun’s glare right at Elena.  She flinches and shuts her eyes quickly.


Nick pays the cashier and they walk toward the glass doors.  Elena is still rubbing her eyes while she pushes the cart. Nick stops as he counts his money.



I think she gave me short.  Hold on, I’ll be right back.


Elena watches Nick walk back to the cashier.  She leans on the grocery cart and hears a siren from outside.  She looks at the street again and notices something different.  The parking lot is not there; instead, she sees a town street in between wide sidewalks, and trees potted and planted evenly, park benches, small shop buildings, and people walking, wearing strange clothes, and a tiny dog peeing on a bark of a tree as its owner tries to pull it away.


Confused, she walks toward the doors.  They slide open automatically.  As she walks to the new sidewalk, the air feels cooler. The skies are bluer.  There are no clouds.  She looks around bewildered and sees a Canadian flag perched outside one of the shops.


Someone tugs at the back of her shirt.  Elena turns around to see the little flower girl from the Wedding Expo, but this time, she holds a big yellow balloon.  The little girl smiles and raises her other hand toward Elena.  Elena reaches to hold it, but then something pricked her ring finger.  A tiny ball of blood oozes out.  The little girl grabs her pricked finger and smears the drop of blood on her balloon.  Then, with the needle that pricked Elena, the little girl smiles again and pops the balloon, making a loud bang.


Elena jumps from the sound. She blinks and the little girl was gone.  The town street was gone.  The small shop buildings were all gone.  All she could see was the parking lot outside the mall.


Nick comes out ofthe doors, pushing the cart.



The hell!?  Thanks for watching thecart! 

You could have waited for me for a smoke.


Elena is dumbfounded.  She looks at Nick ,and then looks at her surroundings. He stops next to her and lights up a cigarette.  She looks down at her pricked fingerand she sees the wound.  The tiny amount of blood was smeared and dry. She looks back at Nick with an open mouth.



I think I’m going crazy.



You? Crazy? Hah! You already are!



No, Nick! I think I really am!

I …I came out here, and there was this little girl, and …and the place … the place!

It was not this place! There was a small town and sidewalks and people who dressed weird and …and the parking lot wasn’t here. 



What are you babbling about?



I think I was just in Canada …


Nick chokes and coughs the smoke he had just inhaled. He starts laughing.  Elena glares at him.



Canada?! Are you all right?



I need to go home.



What about dinner? It’s our turn to cook, remember?



               You cook, I’ve never, remember?


Nick just smiles and puts his arm around her.



But I cook better when you’re there.

Come on, let’s get to the car.


Theywalk  towardthe parking lot without noticing a yellow balloon floating in the sky.

(To be continued)

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