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Blunder Chapter 3

Posted on August 9, 2010 at 8:50 AM

Travis remembered it as if it were yesterday. How could he have forgotten what had been one of the happiest days of his life? His first meeting with Helena. At that time he was 24, and had reached the rank of DC at Scotland Yard after completing an honours degree in criminology. It was Monday 20th July 1985 - a beautiful summer’s day; the sun was radiant as ever in a clear blue sky and there was a light breeze blowing. He remembered her raven black hair cascading over her shoulders and gently swaying in the breeze. That day, Travis had agreed to an appointment with a local estate agent - with enough money that his parents had saved up since he was little to allow him to make comfortable start in life and, with a bright and secure future ahead, he could well afford to buy.

The visit to the property in itself had not taken long, but without realizing it Helena was led into a game of seduction at such a point, that she soon wondered about the reason for being there. She felt as if he had cast a spell on her, and although being sometimes clumsy in his speech and making silly jokes, she had found it a very charming aspect. She had looked incredibly sexy in her beige tailored skirt suit, split to the top of her slender thigh. He wished he could have already stroked her chocolate coloured face or even pressed his lips against her soft thin pink lips.

Faced with this enticing woman, Travis could hardly resist the temptation. With strong features on his face, a firm voice and a body fit to grace an athlete, he knew that woman often fell prey to his charms. What Helena would never know, however, was that he had a considerable sexual appetite which he could not resist. When the visit had finally come to an end, the matter was in the bag. It was not until they had been on the point of going their separate ways, that Travis humorously had reminded her the purpose of their meeting, and had told her that he accepted the offer. Helena had smiled back and spun on her heel, flushing with embarrassment.

A week later, they had met again as planned on the same day and at the same place. To inaugurate the events, Helena had been first welcomed with a nice bottle of wine and, of course, like a true gentleman, a bunch of flowers beautifully composed to go with it.  Straight back to their game of seduction, they had teased each other for almost an hour and, at last were taken to the final play, resulting in a torrid night of love. Since that evening, the lust they had felt for each other had grown stronger and stronger, day by day and, had unexpectedly quickly spiraled into a love story.

Within a year, Travis had asked Helena to live with him, and after giving it much thought she had finally decided to take the plunge. All had gone very well between the two young lovers and, even if they were now living under the same roof, it had altered nothing about their feelings. Nevertheless, it had not failed to come to Helena’s attention that Travis had a penchant for drinking, and although there had not been any violent reaction from him to fear, she worried about the future of their relationship. For Travis, who had refused to admit his addiction to alcohol, had not felt the need to give it too much importance. Helena had, therefore, decided to take the bull by the horns and had given Travis an ultimatum; either he stop drinking and decide to get treatment or she would draw a line under their relation despite herself.

Far from being a pleasure trip, Travis had gone through that tough time within a year, supported by his wife. That experience had even enhanced their relationship and strengthened their links, and both had thought there was no better moment to take the next step in their life – having a baby. A year later Helena had given birth to daughter whom they named April. The following year, it had been the icing on the cake; with the approval of both parents, Travis and Helena had decided to seal their union in marriage, and had enjoyed a peaceful life since then…well almost!

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1 Comment

Reply Christopher Law
12:43 PM on August 9, 2010 
I've just read chapters two and three and I'm getting a strong sense of the characters. You seem to have this well worked out and I'm keen to read the next installment.

The only things I'd pick up on are a couple of strange phrasings - 'Back straight to their game of seduction...' in paragraph four should be 'Straight back..' and '...violent reaction from him to fear of...' in paragraph five doesn't need the 'of'., unless you write '...reaction from him to be afraid of...'.

Minor nitpicking, and way better than anything I've ever achieved with my attempts at French.

Nice work, like Phil said in response to Chapter Two, you do keep getting better.

Bring on Chapter Four!