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A Senseless Occurence

Posted on September 30, 2010 at 11:14 PM

This story starts at the corner of 56th street and Pine where a young man is held up in an apartment buildings top floor with a one-year-old child named Adam.

Adam was taken by his Father, also named Adam from the babysitter’s house where he killed the young lady who was fighting him to keep him from taking the child. Adam didn’t try to kill the young lady but he just hit her so hard that she hit her hit on the marble coffee table as she fell to the floor.

He took the child and left three other children alone in the house with the dead babysitter bleeding from the head on the living room floor. Adam went directly to an old friend’s house who supplied him with a key while she was gone on her job as a flight attendant. By the time he arrived and turned on the TV, he started to hear reports of the babysitter’s death and that he was seen leaving with the baby in an older four-door caprice so he knew that the police would soon find him.

He was correct in his assumption because soon after being there awhile, he heard a megaphone and his name being called.

“Adam Jackson! This is the Police… We need you to bring the child down and turn him over to the mother… Adam? Can you do this?”

Adam looked out the window with the baby in his arms to protect himself from the snipers that he knew would be positioned to take him out if things got worse.

The streets were crawling with police and news trucks, and beside one of the police cars stood his ex-girlfriend and his Mother.

The phone rang suddenly and Adam swung around and stared at it for a second then walked over and slowly picked it up…


“Adam what in the world are you doing?” Adams Mother asked on the phone.

“I just needed to see my son ma”

“Like This Adam? Do you know that you killed Monique? You need to turn yourself in Adam; I brought you up better than this!”

Adam paused a second then said.

“Mama you and Meka come up, we need to talk.”

After Adams mother told the police what her son asked they escorted them to the top floor and down the hall to the door where Adam was, and then they backed away.

Adam slowly opened the door, still wary of police presence; he looked out both ways then let his mother and ex-girlfriend enter. Meka ran over to the baby and picked him up saying “Mamma’s here sweetheart, mamma’s got you.”

She asked Adam, “Has he eaten? Have you changed him? Have you done anything other than kidnap him!”

Adam dropped his head and said “I just needed to see him and I knew you wouldn’t let me if I asked, Me and Monique got into a scuffle, she feel and hit her head, I didn’t kill her!

Listen! Both of you! I don’t have much time, sit down and listen to me.” Adam said in a raised voice.

As the Mother and ex-girlfriend sat down they watched Adam pace back and forth for a second then say, “Here it is, Ma… I went to the doctor last Friday and was diagnosed with cancer.”

His mothers eyes grew big and her mouth fell open, she couldn’t speak, and his Ex-girlfriend was sort of in shock. Meka finally asked ‘What kind of cancer?

Adam looked at her for a second and said “The kind that kills you within a month.” Adams mother fell to her knees and started to cry and ask the lord to save her son in prayer, Adam walked over and picked up his mother from her knees, hugged her real tight then looked into her eyes and said “Mom, I’m scared to die, but I know for a fact that I’m going to, I’m sorry about Monique and I’m sorry about taking my son but I thought that was the only way that I could get to see him.”

He then walked over to meka and his son Adam and said. “Meka Take him out of here and tell them my mom will be down shortly” As she walked towards the door Adam said “ Thanks for giving me a son” She turned and said with tears in her eyes “ I still love you” Then walked out and shut the door.

Adam turned to his mother who was sitting down on the couch with her head in her hands and said “ Mom I just wanted you to know that I am not going to be going down with you” She quickly looked up at him and quizzically asked “What do mean you aren’t going down with me? Yes you are!”

Adam grabbed both of her hands, picked her up from her seat, and held her close to him as she tried to struggle.

He quietly said in her ear “Mom I am sorry I can’t wither away like that, now I want you to not have any funeral, and I want to be cremated okay?” She just cried louder and louder shaking her head no.

Adam slowly walked her to the door as she tried to fight not to leave. She suddenly stopped fighting and said as she looked up at her son “You going to make these police kill you, ain’t you son?” She put both hands on either side of his face and said, “Please don’t do this, this is not the way, let God decide how you leave this earth.”

Adam sadly smiled at her, opened the door and said “Time to go Ma, remember that I love you and I always will. She looked into his eyes for a few seconds knowing that she wasn’t going to be able to talk him into going with her and decided to leave, all the time thinking that maybe she could talk the police into not killing him.

She stepped out of the door and said “Goodbye son, Mama will see you later.” Adam closed the door and started to cry hysterically as he walked over to the window with gun in hand, he then opened the window and started to fire in the air, and as his mother came running out of the front of the Apartment house crying “Don’t kill him!! Please don’t kill my son!” A shot rang out, and it found its way to Adams forehead. As Adams Mother looked up she saw the body of her son falling to the ground, She screamed and fell to the ground as the officers rushed over to the body and started to secure the scene.


Meka walked up to Adams Mother with the baby, helped her up and said.

“ There was nothing you could do, there was nothing no-one could have done”

Meka took Adams mothers hand and said “He will live on through his son, your Grandson.”

 They watched as the medical workers took the body and put it away in the bag.

This story ends at the corner of 56th Street & Pine in a multi- storied house where a senseless occurrence occurred, just another life forgotten, another statistic.

In memory of Adam Jackson

May you rest in peace.

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Reply Phil Neale
11:03 AM on November 21, 2010 
Forced me to read to the end with this one Elroy, and the only crit I can make is the need for clear paragraph breaks to make the reading easier.

My eyes ain't what they used ta be bro (lol)