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Posted on December 3, 2010 at 7:57 AM

Matilda listens to make sure they’ve gone out knowing Mr Doozie the cat is licking his milk the slurping sound fills the now silent room but she has to be sure her aunt and uncle have gone she can’t allow Moses to come in by the backdoor until they’re long gone and in the town buying and selling their wares she places her hands on her head and closes her eyes to focus her listening to close out Mr Doozie’s sounds the saucer of milk being pushed across the floor the purring but she cannot hear them now cannot hear their voices can’t hear Auntie’s whines and Uncle’s bellows can’t smell Uncle’s pipe or the aroma of his farts or Auntie’s sour body odour and sniffs the air and puts one leg up on the chair and lets the skirt fall back revealing her fine thigh and underwear something for Moses to see and get excited about not that he needs any encouragement  especially after the last time he came around when her aunt and uncle had gone off for the day to market on the old bus and Moses had sneaked in the back door his eyes peering around the door and she saying They’ve gone out you come in and he did and while Mr Doozie sat on the end of the bed watching disinterestedly Moses had kissed her all over her body and after games of foreplay he’d entered her with subtleness and moved in a slow motion so that the bed only moved and rattled slightly and did not disturbed Mr Doozie and they had only just dressed and was letting Moses out the back door when Auntie came in the front door followed by Uncle with his arms laden with shopping and moaning about the prices and the shop girls and how there is no manners anymore and she feeling Moses’ sperm easing down her thigh and stood there with her innocent stare but this time Moses would need to be quicker as they had only gone to town and wouldn’t be long and if they returned earlier can caught her and Moses undressed and fucking with Mr Doozie sitting watching she doesn’t know what they’d say or do although knowing Uncle he’d chase off Moses with walking stick and tan her hide until she cried and cried but Moses hasn’t come and she listens out hushing Mr Doozie with a shush shush and scratches her thigh and strains her ears was that him? She sighs opening her eyes sitting up looking towards the door waiting anticipating feeling the body’s urge the body’s need wanting Moses to come through the door and hurry with her up the stairs followed no doubt by Mr Doozie and quickly undressing and into her bed and setting aside the kissing and messing get on with the fucking but the door remains closed the room is almost silent apart from Mr Doozie’s licking and purring and the soft tick tocking of the grandfather clock and her heart thumping boom boom boom boom like a small drum all around the room and inside her head and she disappointed frustrated with no sex with Moses just a small empty bed.


Categories: Terry Collett, Short Story

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Reply Stuart Hughes
5:00 AM on December 4, 2010 
I think there's the makings of a short story in here Terry (as her feelings of longing and frustration come over well) but I'm afraid the narrative style didn't do it for me. The complete lack of punctuation made it hard work to read. I appreciate this can be used as a valid technique to show an overload of rambling character thoughts, and I once read a short story by Conrad Williams (winner of the British Fantasy Scociety's award for best novel in 2010) in some magazine or other that used the same no punctuation technique, only that one didn't work for me either. Being nit-picky, be consistent with your use of Uncle and Auntie - use either uppercase "U" and "A" or lowercase "u" and "a" throughout. There's enough in here to tell me you can write and write well but, sorry, this one's not my cup of tea (because of the narrative style - lack of punctuation - I'm afraid).
Reply Terry C
2:50 PM on December 4, 2010 
Thank you anyway, Stuart, for reading.