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Posted on December 28, 2010 at 4:44 AM

Hang on there Abe Mr Mancryer says

I want to have a father to son talk

Before you go out no it’s not about


The loan I know you’ll pay me back before

The year is through no it’s about the young

Dame you were with the other night the hot


Brunette (how could I forget) you know the

One who has the figure and eyes to die

For and the swaying hips to make your mouth


Water well she’s not for you son she’s not

The type of girl to have hanging on your

Arm or the other guys will think you could


Do no better you know what I mean? They’ll

Think or say Abe’s chosen the brunette with

The mostest but who’s been with the mostest


And do you want in years to come your young

Daughter to grow up looking just like her

Mother? Huh? You know the way her eyes are


Somewhat too close together and the breasts

Are maybe a bit too big and the way

She talks you know she’s a Bronx girl through and


Through and besides you deserve better Abe

You need to stretch yourself get a dame to

Make your life an improvement some honey


To light up the deep love flame and I know

She has that way with her that sparkle that

Way of breathing in your ear and yes I


Know how she works her box of tricks I know

Her Abe and so do all the other dicks.



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