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Posted on January 18, 2011 at 6:45 AM

Come in Miss Broston and sit down or lie

On the couch over there if you wish I

Don’t mind whichever is best for you and


You wander into Doctor Freudbank's room

With its blue walls and framed certificates

And bourgeois paintings and sit in the black


Chair opposite his desk that reminds you

Of the big desk in your father’s study

Where he used to sit most days and if you’d


Been a bad girl he’d have you sit in front

Of him looking at you over the desk

With his big dark eyes and lecture you on


The things your mother said you had done

Or not done or reports he had from the

Teachers or nuns at the school and as the


Freudbank guy sits behind his desk and opens

His mouth to speak you notice a small gold

Filling in one of his teeth and for some


Reason it reminds you of a photo

You’d seen once of some Jew who was being

Taunted by some Nazis and you later


Read how they removed all the gold fillings

In the concentration camps and for a

Short moment as you sit there opposite


Freudbank ignoring what he is saying

You wonder if any of his Jewish

Relations ended up in Auschwitz or


Belsen or elsewhere and you sit back in

The chair and feel the cold leather almost

Send sharp pins into the nerves of your spine


And still he is yapping on and his lips

Are opening and closing like a big

Naked anus and you remember as


A girl that you used to sit opposite your

Father as he gave his moralistic

Lectures on your bad behaviour and


The threats to have you severely punished

You used think the same then as his lips

Opened and closed and that child’s memory


Overrides the deep depression of the

Moment and brings a small smile to your face

As Freudbanks’s gold filling glitters in the


Light of the naked bulb on his ceiling

And his voice drones on like a fly on a

Summer’s day bringing on the sick feeling.

Categories: Poetry & Lyric, Terry Collett

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1 Comment

Reply El Roi' Jackson
11:43 PM on January 19, 2011 
TC you have a way with words and I appreciate the way you create keep it up my friend.