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Thirteen Years Of Gray, Chapter Fifteen

Posted on January 26, 2011 at 11:53 AM

And still Jackie sat on the chair while holding Mary and Lila hostage. The clock read Seven Thirty-Five pm. Lila had grown some bravery over the passing minutes and sat away from her mother. The bravery to look Jackie in the face wasn't quite there. But since she could guess that she was probably going to die very soon, she did have some questions. Then the statistic she heard of in the past had come to her mind. If someone was going to kill you, most times, they usually do so within the first ten seconds. After that, the more time had passed, the less likely the person is going to kill you.
It was obvious to her, that Jackie was obviously pissed off at her and her mother. And she knew why Jackie was pissed at her. What happened thirteen years ago had played in her head while closing her eyes.
"Lila, can you please put your seat belt on?"
"Lila sweetheart, please put your seat belt on."
"Lila, please, I'm asking you nicely, please put your seat belt on."
"Lila, I know you don't like me driving you to school and back home. But I do not like having to go to work two jobs and barely getting a day off. To provide from myself and Donald. But I have to do so. Just because you don't like me driving you to school and back home, doesn't mean that's going to change because you don't want to say anything to me."
"Lila, for my concern of your safety. Please put you seat belt on."
Then she could hear Jackie's screams next,
"LILA! For the love of every fucking god that is out there!"
"Lila, I don't give a shit if your parents fire me! But, you will put that fucking seatbelt on!"
She then heard Donald's voice, "Mom, are you okay?"
'Donald...' She thought of for a moment. Then her mind continued with Jackie's tirade.
"Put you're motherfuckin' seat belt ON!"
'I was wrong to do that.' Lila thought to herself while a tear squeezed out of her eye. She shook her head.

"Why are you shaking your head?" Jackie asked.

Lila opened her eyes and looked over to Jackie, she finally had the audacity to look her face to face.
"Uh... I..." Lila wanted to give the right answer, but it just could not leave the tip of her tongue.

"Why we're you shaking your head?" Jackie asked with a stern tone of voice.

"I was just thinking." Lila said. Now, she hoped that Jackie would not ask what exactly she was thinking about.

"About what?" Jackie asked.

Lila looked back to her, but could not give out the answer. She looked into the anger that Jackie kept on her face.

Jackie picked up the pistol from her lap and pointed it at Mary, "About what?"

Lila felt the fear rise up into her. For Mary, it was much worse, the gun was being pointed at her.
"I...I was thinking about the...the a-accident." Lila admitted.

Jackie nodded but still had her pistol pointed at her mother, "That's good. You should of put your fucking seat belt on. Are you happy about what you did Thirteen Years ago?"

It took a short moment for Lila to respond due to the fear of her life and her mothers, "No, I'm not."

"Bullshit, you aren't." Jackie said, dropping the smile.

"Jackie, I'm not! You've got us. You've got me." Lila said.
She started the waterworks again and continued, "You've got me. I really don't know what you want from us, you want us to be intimidated and scared? You have succeeded. We are both scared shitless. What is it you want? You want money?"

Jackie shook her head, "I don't want money. I never had a substantial amount of it all at one time."

"Name your price." Mary said.

Jackie looked at her, "I said I'm not interested in your money."

"Well... what are you interested in?" Lila asked.

She turned her head to Lila, "You...dead."

Lila's eyes widened.

A series of knocks had come from the front door. All three of them looked to the door quickly.

"Mary, get the door and don't do or say anything stupid or your investment will be six feet under." Jackie ordered.

She got up and walked to the door. Jackie walked behind her up until the end of the first bed and sat on the edge away from the wall.

"Don't say anything out of the ordinary, or else." Jackie again.

Mary walked to the door and took a breath. After so, she opened the door slightly and peeked through. She saw the Comfort Specialist.

"Um, Miss Morrison, Lila is suppose to be on stage in an hour. Are you ready?" He said while whith his right hand down, he pointed to the right. Mary looked to see a rim glasses man with a suit and tie on, wearing a badge. Next to him was the larger officer holding a legal pad. On that pad, written in Sharpie marker, 'Is there a intruder in the room. Blink twice for yes.'

Mary blinked twice and said, "We know, can you give us fifteen more minutes? Lila doesn't seem to be feeling too well. We might have to cancel her performance."

The Comfort Specialist spoke, "Okay, you want me to let Craig know that we might have a possible cancellation?"
While so, the officer had a new message, 'Is the intruder armed?'

Mary nodded quickly with a forced smile, "Not yet, I'll tell you."

Then Lila said, "Mom, can you come here for a second?"

Mary looked over there, she looked back to the officers and lip-synched, 'Please help.'
Then she shut the door. She approached to see Jackie's arm around Lila's neck, not stangling her but to keep a hold. She stood behind a sitting Lila with the gun pointed at her temple.

'Is the door closed?' Jackie asked.

"Yes... It is." Mary replied.

"Are the police out there?"


Jackie grew a face of anger again, she too her arm away from Lila and slowly backed away from her. Jackie walked around the bed and approached Mary with that Angry face intacted. Mary looked on and swallowed. She was very nervous and shee knew that Jackie was lied to.
She stood face to face with Mary, "Are you sure?"

Mary didn't reply.

"Thought so." Jackie said, dropping the face of anger and turning away. After a second, she turned back to Mary with the butt end of the pistol and nailed her in the nose with it.

Mary made a short holler in pain while Lila cried in disbelief, "Stop it! Please!"

Jackie instantly turned around and grabbed Lila by her hair, with her adrelaine going and her mind racing to places unexplored, she thought of biting Lila's nose off like a sociopathic mad man. Perhaps she could be considered mentally ill. However, causing harm to Mary was something she wanted to do in the past Thirteen years. Jackie was sitting on an awful amount of rage.

"Don't make a sound or i'll fucking peel your god damn face off with a hunting knife, you hear me?"

"No... please." Lila said out loud.

"You fucking bitch! I'll fucking cut your face off. You think all the guys out there who touch themselves thinking about you would want to do that after I peel your face off?" Jackie said while tucking the pistol under her belt.
She began to reach into her pocket for what Lila and the now temporary near-blinded Mary was guessing the knife that Jackie just spoke about.

"I've heard something in there!" Said the officer to the detective Seargent just after they had heard that loud thud from behind the door.

"I heard it too." The detective said, he then went into his walkie-talkie, "Smith, what the hell is going on with you in the vent system? You close to releasing that teargas?"

Through the walkie-talkie, "I'm right above the room right now, whenever you are ready."

"Can you see inside of the room?" The detective with the sllient voice.

"Yes, I don't think they made me, but the woman with the gun has the woman in blue towards the wall, but I cannot see the Twenty-One-year-old."
While so, the voice of Jackie could be heard in the background.

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