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Thirteen Years Of Gray, Chapter Sixteen

Posted on January 26, 2011 at 11:55 AM

"So, you and Joel are no longer you and Joel?" Jackie asked Mary.

Mary with a plugged bloody nose nodded.

Jackie smiled, she had the gun was pointed at her while a Lila with a deep cut on her face, had laid on the bed crying, drops of blood had stained the comforter of the bed. Indeed, Jackie gave her a soon to be permanent scare, unless surgery can take care of that problem.
If provided she escapes with her life.
Then Jackie asked, "What happened? Did he throw you off the side for one of his hot female pop stars he works with?"

Mary looked down and shook her head.

"Answer the question, you bitch! I have a gun pointed at you."


"Oh, what happened?"

Mary sighed and look at her, before she could confess, Jackie spoke before her.

"What? Do you feel like I've inconvenienced you? Why the hell are you pulling a pissy sigh and rolling your eyes at me? Do you know I have a gun pointed at you?"

"Yes, I know."

"Do you think your shit smells like roses?"

Before Mary could answer that question, Jackie's cell phone once again ringed out 'Don't Phunk With My Heart,' by none other than The Black Eyed Peas. Jackie regarded it, just like Mary and Lila did. The three of them did not do anything and stood or sat, in Lila's case, like statues. Jackie while keeping her eyes on Mary with the .357 pointed at her had used the other hand to pull out the cell phone. She looked at the caller ID to see it was Fredrick.
And for some reason unknown to her, she decided to answer it despite the situation, "Hello?"


"Fred, what do you want?"

"I wanted to talk to you."

"You called at the worst possible time!" Jackie screamed.

"Jackie! ...well, what's wrong? Where are you?"

Jackie paused for a few seconds to debate whether she was going to tell him the truth, or a lie, or not to tell him at all.
"Don't worry about it, what do you want?"

"Well... why won't you tell me where you are?"

"Because, it is none of you business! That's why!" Jackie screamed on the phone.

Suddenly, the rectangular 3x2 foot vent on the wall was pushed open. It fell on the floor behind between Jackie and Mary. Jackie was caught off guard while Fred was saying something. Before she could ask Mary or anybody what that was all about, a can of opened teargas had popped out of the wide opened vent. The smoke had reached Mary's lungs first, she doubled down and began to cough, struggling for a breath. First, she thought it was death by Jackie, now in her mind, it could be death by suffocation, unless the police had a good plan, in which she doubted now. Jackie and Lila saw the smoke filling in the air, where Jackie was closer. She was confused on what her next move was going to be. It was like being on a quiz show where one would go double or nothing and running out of time on a question they don't know the answer to.
Lila got off the bed and tried to move closer to the door. Jackie caught her in the act and moved the gun towards her, "Don't move."
The teargas had spread to Jackie's lungs. She began to choke and her eyes began to water. Lila watched and waited for her to lost it, whiles so, the gas had reached Lila.

Lila stepped closer into the gas to get closer to her mother, regardless of the knowledge of that teargas getting to her lungs sooner or later.

"Mom!" She called out.

"No, Lila...(cough)... get to the front door. Don't (cough) worry about me."

Lila wouldn't listen, she walked around a declining Jackie and through the smoke to see her mother squatting down at the wall, choking for a good breath of clean oxygen. But there was no air to breathe. Lila knowing this too had reached for her mother amist the smoke and got to her. She held her while the booth of them cried tears and coughed due to the smoke.

"Let's...(cough)...get to the door...together." Lila said.

Without words, Mary took her daughters hand. She stood herself up while with the other hand, tried to wipe the tears away from her eyes. The two stood up to see the door and Jackie falling down to the floor, struggling for a breath. This was their chance.

Before they made their first step towards the door, it opened with a few officers wearing bulletproof vests and gas masks had rushed in. Two had rifles while one held a gun. Lila knew what to do, she had her hands up while telling her mom to do the same, but only with her left hand pointing at the fallen Jackie. A total of three uniformed officers with the white shirt and tie wearing detective had stepped closer to Jackie. The officer in a pair of civilian clothes had approached Mary and Lila with his pistol drawn down, while the three other officers had surrounded Jackie. Mary saw the officers surround her and kick the .357 away. Next, to look at the detective leading her out and saying, "Let's get you two out of here."

True to his word, he let her and Lila out of harms way and out of the room filled with smoke. They were meet by a seasoned female officer with sympathy on hand, with two fellow male officers who were young, possibly a few years north of Lila's age. Mary went into the arms of the female officer with tears of joy and due to the gas she had breathed in. Her head met her shoulder while giving praises to God and to the officer herself.

One of the younger officers directed the two of them to the medic who stood near the elevators.

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