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Thirteen Years Of Gray, Chapter Seventeen

Posted on January 26, 2011 at 11:57 AM

And a few hours later, Jackie sat in a nine-by-ten jail cell, courtesy of the Southfield police department. She sat on the uncomfortable bed looking down in defeat. She didn't get what she wanted. She exited out of the hotel and into the back of a police car with news cameras floating on by to keep the camera on her. On her ride to the police station, she admitted to wanting to murder Lila Haas, so Mary would understand how harsh reality could be. In her thoughts, if she succeeded in taking Lila's life, Mary would not have her investment. She was all about the money. All she cared about was money, the root of all evil. In her mind, Mary was a good representative of all that is soulless and evil. Not only she wanted to take Lila as revenge on her, but to send a message to her and to all of the high-class snobby and spoiled women out there that bad things could happen to them.
However, throughout her research and her interest of information on the Hasserman family, mainly via the internet, she had found out during an interview with the detective who was responsible for brining Mary and Lila out to safety, that Mary was legally no longer a Hasserman, but a Morrison.
How could that be?
When she asked that, to which the detective replied, "She divorced her husband."
Something bad did happen to Mary, she got dumped by her now ex-husband. But how exactly that divorce went was a guess. While holding her and Lila hostage, she never asked about what was going on with her and Joel. She just assumed that the two of them were still married and probably had Joel freaking out if something were to go very wrong.
But since they are divorced, chances were good that Joel had a good divorce attorney on his side, leaving Mary with nothing. He was the one making all of the cash while Mary ran the house and asked like a bitch to the maids and anyone entering the wrong end of the arched driveway of their elegant front yard. But then again, Mary was the manager of the tour. Had she learned the ropes before the two of them divorced? Or was Joel courteous enough to her after the divorce. Jackie never dealt too much with Joel when working at the Hasserman Mansion, but found him a little more kind to her than Mary. Too many possibilities on how that divorce went.
Now, as she sat in her cell with her head down, in reality, she was staring at the bluish-brown painted concrete floor. Her mind was keeping that sight of the floor with the image of what happened exactly Thirteen years ago with the aftermath of the car crash. She saw Mary at war mode, screaming at her for the harm she brought on her daughter.
"Look what you did to my daughter, you bitch!"
"You just shut the hell up! My daughter is hurt!"
"I swear to God, why does my husband hire white trash like you to serve at our home?"
"You are fucking fired! Your hear me? YOU ARE FIRED!"
"Do not come back to my home, I'll throw your white trash car out front! All your shit I'm going to leave it out of the mansion. Do not fucking enter my house! You are fucking fired! Don't you dare come near my home, I'll kill your white-trash ass myself!"
That last sentence made her think that she should have killed Mary just after she would kill Lila. However, the plan was defiled, and the Southfield Police Department could be to blame for that plan.

Then Fred's voice came through, "Jackie?"

Jackie brought herself back to reality and slowly turned her head, he was there at the other side of the bars.

He wanted to speak, but appeared to Jackie that he didn't quite know what to say, and she knew it. She had never explained too him about the Hasserman family. It was all a secret she kept from him and threatened Donald if he ever spoke a word of it to him or to anybody once they moved back to Michigan.

"Don't say anything." Jackie said.
She got off the bed and approached the bars and held them.
"Fred, just don't say anything." Jackie again.

"You've kept a secret from me." Fred said.

She didn't want him to speak at all. She just wanted him to listen and understand, but it wasn't starting that way.
"Fred, please..."

"Jackie, how could you keep this away from me? We were together for Ten years and you never told me about this?" he said with a face of disgust.


"You were mad at these people for Thirteen years. Couldn't you just let go?"

Jackie didn't reply.

"Donald told me everything, and how you threatened him before you met me to not say a word of it."

Jackie looked down.

"Was this all that you were thinking of? Revenge?"

Jackie didn't reply, but he was right. Not always, but often, Jackie wanted revenge on Mary Hasserman or as she was now known as Mary Morrison. The thoughts of revenge had come to her mind more often when she had to fend for herself before she met Fred and after the divorce. During those times she was with him, she was grateful that he provided her a helping hand, the past was barely a thought. But during the last year of her marriage, she did see Lila Haas playing a walk-in role on a show played by the Disney Channel. That piqued her curiosity and researched her on the internet.
Each day thereafter, Lila would jump another hurdle on the road to success, which inclined Jackie to walk on the road of anger & bitterness. It was so much that she alienated herself from Fred, Sean and Donald. And everyday thereafter, the misery would add more.

And look where it got her, only she had the police to thank for defiling her plan. She wanted to keep the both of them in that room to torture them, with an end to shoot Lila and make Mary watch her die, with the possibility of killing Mary as well. Then, to take the gun and turn it on herself. For her, death would be better than going to jail. There is no God and if there was, to Jackie, people like Mary wouldn't exist.
She looked at Fredrick in the eyes and reached for his hands and took them slowly to her, she asked, "Where's Sean and Donald? Are they here?"

Fred didn't reply right away, but he shook his head, "No, they are at my house."

"Do they know?"

Fred held on to her hands with a deep breath, "Donald knows, but not Sean."

Jackie didn’t reply, but she sunk her head down.

"How come you never told me about your job with the Hasserman family?"

Jackie again didn't reply. She pretended that she didn't hear that, and Fred knew it.

"Listen, I'm not going to ask you again. But one way or the other, you've keep a secret from me. And now I know why our marriage went to hell."

Jackie still stood there, holding Fred's hands and shedding tears.

"I don't know why you had to be keeping that secret from me. I love you, no matter what. If I had been involved with an accident like that, I would have told you."

He knew. Jackie began to sob; the tape of the accident had played in her head. Fred was speaking, but the screams of Lila and Donald had rung her bell instead. Those same screams before Jackie crashed into that semi.

"Donald told me all about it... and how you told him to keep it a secret."

"Just stop!" Jackie begged.

This promoted a slender female police officer with blond hair and a good amount of make-up on to approach the cells, "Sir, I'm going to ask you to leave."

Jackie looked at the officer, "No, just one minute," she cried.

The officer paused for a short moment, "Okay, one more minute."
However, the officer stood there, arms crossed.

Jackie looked back, "Fred, I'm so sorry... just do me one favor."

Fred did a quick nod as she saw the tears drop from his eyes, just like hers.

"Just... (sob)... please take care of Sean for me." She said while squeezing his hands.

"I will."

"And tell him... (sob)... tell him that I love him so much."

With hesitation, Fred said, "I will."

Jackie wouldn't let go of his hands, Fred stood there, wanting to say the right words to make her feel better. But what could he say? She just held a woman and her daughter hostage. Thank God that she didn't take their lives. And not only that, the daughter is a rising star, a person some people look up to besides the family she has that love her, care for her and would always be there for her. Fred sure had a lot in his mind, but it occurred to him that he could be seeing his name on the list of defendants on an upcoming lawsuit filed by the victims of Jackie's crime. Not only that may hurt him financially, but it will bring in the embarrassment. Yes, he could take care of Sean and Donald too, he had no problem with that sans Donald going back to his drug use.

Fred let go of Jackie's hands rather quickly. She looked up, wondering why he would let go like that.
"I will take care of Sean and Donald; you have my word on it. But, I'm very upset at you for lying to me after all these years."
Fred took two steps back, "How am I going to explain this to Sean?"

Jackie didn't reply, she saw Fred walk away without looking back. He turned the corner and he was gone.

But he was right. How is he going to explain this to Sean? She saw that officer walk away while imagining Fred explaining to her son why his mother is behind bars for a violent crime.
'Sean, your mother did a very bad thing and she will be in jail for a long time.'

Again, she sunk her head back down, not wanting to think any further on that subject. She sobbed heavily, realizing that what she did was wrong, very wrong. She now wished she could go back in time. Earlier today when she entered the apartment to see Sean sitting on the couch watching cartoons. Walking into Donald's room to ask kindly on why he is selling and smoking marijuana, allowing him to be totally honest without consequence. She probably knew the answer besides no jobs or the will to get one, or at least try. That answer would likely be that he lived with a miserable family member.
She could hear him say it, "You're miserable, mom. How can I find any confidence when you come home all pissed off because you fucked your life up?"

Not only that, but he could hear him say, "Hey, Thirteen Years Ago, you were responsible for my head nearly getting smashed into the windshield, that's why."

Then only his scream before the crash had entered her mind.

"Oh my God. Donald, I'm so sorry."

Indeed she was.
If only she could go back and hear that news, then say, "Donald, you're right. I've been wrong, I'll tell you what, I can put a good word in for you at the temp office. Maybe you can work at the same place as me. But if you don't want to, that's okay. I'll try to get you a job. You do a good job with taking care of Sean while I'm gone, I appreciate it."
And of him telling Sean that he will be staying at his dads for the weekend, "Sean, your dad would like to have you for the rest of the weekend, so pack a bag and bring your Pikachu. You better suit up, it's cold out there."
Yes, that would have been a hell of a lot better. It would be a godsend to go back earlier today and fix it all. But, if you were to ask Jackie if she believed in time travel this morning, she would agree. Now, she would believe in time travel if it could bring her back in time to fix everything that was wrong this morning, and not go to the hotel and commit the crime. If she could back in time, she would finally let go. She didn't want to hurt them now since she had now started the chain of facing the consequences. And that would be a long chain.
Don't know what you got, until it's gone.

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