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Thirteen Years Of Gray, Chapter Eighteen

Posted on January 26, 2011 at 12:00 PM

"Hey?" Said a male voice coming from her left.

Jackie heard the voice, but she didn't acknowledge it.

"Hey!" Again, from that same voice.

She looked up towards the voice to see a bulky male uniformed officer walking towards her cell, "You get a phone call. I'm going to open the door, don't do anything stupid."

Jackie didn't pull any tricks out of her sleeve and allowed the officer to walk her out. He led her to a pay phone that was inside the main office. A clean office with its wooden desks and clean white walls. On her way, she passed by the officer dressed in white shirt and tie who had took Lila and Mary out of the sticky situation and also the core of ruining the plan Jackie had. She made eye contact with him, but he didn't offer any eye contact with her.

When she arrived to the phone, the male officer said, "Make your call."

"Umm, officer. In my wallet, there was a phone card and a business card with a number."

The officer sighed, "Hold on."

That officer caught the female officer who was by her cell earlier with Fred. The officer explained the predicament to her and asked her to watch the prisoner, the female officer agreed. While that male officer headed to the evidence room, the female stood and kept an eye and a stern frown on Jackie.

"Um, is Fred still here?" She asked the officer.

"You mean the person who visited you? He left."

Jackie looked away, "Uh, okay."
And the tears began to roll down her eyes again.

After two minutes of waiting, the male officer had arrived with the wallet inside an official police plastic bag.

"Get what you need out of the bag and make your call." The male officer said while handing her the bag.
The female officer took responsibility for watching Jackie as the male officer walked away. Jackie pulled out her wallet out of the bag and scanned through her cards by spreading them on the top of the pay phone, ten of them to be exact. Her two credit cards, debit card, bridge card, random business cards including the one from the temp service she found jobs through and the crummy beige thirteen year old business card from Tina Ehret-Palavich. She took that one out from the spread, along with the calling card at the end. She left the rest of the cards on the top of the cell phone while she picked up the phone and dialed the calling card's 1-888 number. She dialed her pin and next the written phone number on the back of the card before using 011 first.

"Where the hell are you calling? Afghanistan?" The female officer asked.

Jackie regarded that for a second and continued to dial the number. After a few clicks, the ring tone that is exactly like the dial tone of The United States and Canada had hit her right ear drum. The written phone number on the back was of Tina Ehert's home. It was found due to an over half-hour use of the library's computer. Not only has she found her phone number, but her exact address at a Munich suburb Called Erding, plus a few articles written in German with one in English about the new attraction at the Munich Museum of Arts. In that English article, it revealed that Tina was still employed buy the museum. In fact, she was promoted to Assistant Museum Director.
And after four rings, a click came thru with a female delayed and exhausted voice saying, "Hello?"

For the first time in Thirteen years, she finally got a hold of her.
Her mouth was open, but no words came out.

"...Hello? Please don't let it be some asshole calling me at three in the morning?" The female voice asked.

"Oh...um...hello?" Jackie said with a pleasant voice while doing her best to keep the sad and breaking voice he had with her earlier.

"Who is this?"

"Is this Tina Ehret?"

"Uh... yes, Tina Palavich." She corrected it.


"Yes," She said aggressively, "now, who is this? And why are you calling me at three in the morning?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Tina." Jackie said, now looking at the clock and seeing that it is almost ten o'clock at night in Eastern Standard Time, but a five-hour advance in Germany would be a rude awakening call to a person sleeping. After her words of affection of calling at three in the morning, she heard Tina sigh. Of course, she was calling at a bad time.
"I'm sorry Tina, I forgot, I'm in America."

"Where? In Los Angeles?"

"Oh no. I'm in Detroit."

"Detroit? Who is this?"

"This is Jackie."


The female officer only hearing Jackie's side of the conversation and hearing that pleasant voice of hers opposing the sobbing voice she heard earlier, thought this was crazy and wondered who she was calling. She began to consider that Jackie was mental.

"Jackie...Jackie Gray."

"...uh ...how do I know you?"

"I...I met you Thirteen Years ago."

"...okay, where?"

"In L.A."

"Oh... well, I don’t remember you."

"That's okay. How's Germany?"

"...What!?" Tina asked in disbeilief.

"Germany? You still work at the Museum?" She asked, of course she already knew that.

"...Yes, I do. How do I know you?"

"I met you Thirteen Years ago."

"I know, YOU'VE JUST SAID THAT ALREADY!!" She came back with the aggressive voice, but dropped it somewhat when she asked, "Where did we meet?"

"At Mary Hasserman's mansion."

"The Hasserman Mansion? I stopped going there in 1994."

"No, actually, you were there once in 1995."

"Uh... um..., oh yes. Mary Hasserman told me to never come back that year, yes."

The female officer chimed in, "You have two minutes left, Ms. Gray."

Tina heard that, "What?"

"No, it's somebody else Tina."

"Oh... well, since you are in America, Detroit or wherever, you are calling me at a bad time, it's three in the morning here."

"Honey, I'm so sorry."

"You've said that fifty times already." She said with disgust. This wasn't going well for Jackie.

"Well... alright," Jacki'’s voice was beginning to break, "I won't apologize anymore. It’s Ten O'clock here, I wasn't thinking."

"That's obvious. Since you have my interest, how are you friends with Mary Hasserman?"

"I wasn't a friend."

"...you weren't?"


"Well, how did we meet at the mansion?"

"Actually, your sister basically met my son."

"Uh... so, how does this go with how we met?" Tina asked, the tone of voice suggested that she was annoyed.

Jackie knew that, but continued, "Your sister pinched my son's cheek a little bit too hard."

There was a pause, which almost triggered Jackie to say hello to check if she was there or if the call was dropped.
"Oh...um, yes. It rings a bell."

"Yes, he's my son, Donald."

"Yes... I remember." Tina said with confidence.

"I wasn't a friend of Mary's. I was a maid."

The female officer with the strange look on her face had reminded her, "Thirty seconds, better tell him or her goodbye."

Tina hearing that in the background asked, "Who was that?"

"Oh, it's nobody sweetie. But since I have you on the phone and I have a limited time to thank you."

"For what?"

"For being the only person with money and power that was nice to me during my time in L.A."

"What do you mean by that? And weren't you the one who got into that accident at around that time?"

Jackie didn't reply, but she was heartbroken to hear that from her.

Tina continued, "Yes, it was you. You were driving Lila home and you drove into the opposing lane and smashed into a semi. Thank God Lila and your son didn't get killed."


"Listen Jackie, please don't ever call me again, I..."

Jackie interrupted, “But listen. It wasn't my fault. Lila wouldn't put on her seatbelt. I was only concerned for her safety. That is what caused the accident."

"What!? No, you caused the accident by not paying attention to the road," Tina said, "If you couldn't handle the job, you should have quit. Jackie, please, never call this number again. I don't know where you are calling from; it's probably a mental institution. But don't call my home or my office again, you hear me?"

Before Jackie could say, "Tina, wait,"
She heard a click.
"Tina?" Jackie spoke at the dead end.

"Okay, I think I heard the other person hang up. C'mon." The officer said.

Jackie pulled the phone from her ear and put it against her chest with tears squeezing out of her eyes. She was falling down on her knees and placed her head hard on the metal casing of the pay phone where the change is stored. A normal person in a normal day would stop to feel the slight pain of their head gently hitting the steel, but Jackie was a woman going thru a mental breakdown on an abnormal day. The metal phone cord stretched itself down to the limit when Jackie's knees made contact with the floor and the phone left her hands.
She wanted to hear Tina Palavich to be gentle and kind to her, but that didn't work out going in that avenue.

"C'mon lady, your phone call is over. Let's get you back into your cell." The officer said along with putting her hand on her shoulder.

That is when Jackie repealed the sobbing sound, next to take her hands away from her face. She looked at the officer from a face of sadness to a face of anger growing beyond those tears.
"How can you be so kind to the people I tried to kill and be so ruthless to a person like me? What is it? Is it money? Do you like people with money? I ain't got shit, so that is why you treat me like shit?" Jackie asked with a ruthless tone of voice that echoed through the walls. The both of them heard footsteps approach from around the corner.

The female officer peered toward her in an intimidating way and said, "I'm treating you like scum because you broke the law by trying to kill two people. Now let's do this the easy way and peacefully walk to the cell, or we can toss you into a rubber room."
The End

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