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Posted on March 5, 2011 at 1:04 AM

Lilith Author: Jessie Masoner Authors note: This is a prelude and a rough draft, very rough.


At first nobody knew what was going on, all we knew was, something bad was going to happen. Something bad, what an understatement first the sky darkened, such darkness it wasn't normal we could all feel it around us, the darkness was literally alive around us forming its own presence. We were unable to see each other, our faces were blurred from the power of it all. The radios were static, I could see their mouths moving but there was no sound only darkness. That is when I heard the wings for the first time, looking around the sun was about to break through the darkness ridding us from the dark presence. As the sound of the wings came closer we all began to search for where it came from, looking around I seen nothing then I hear my team opening fire, looking around I see a few of my team mates firing down towards dark shapes emerging from the ground. It takes me a moment before I realize that they are hands reaching up towards them. Again from behind me gunfire erupts this time firing straight out towards dark figures approaching us, nothing is stopping these things from coming closer. Raising my weapon I realize the futility of it all, still aiming center mass I squeeze the trigger waiting for the crack of the rifle. Nothing, no time to waste I reach for my sidearm trying to squeeze a few rounds off before the bodies come closer. Nothing again I re-holster my weapon, slowly pulling my knife from its sheath the tungsten blade laser sharpened easily penetrates most body armors used by any. As the creature reaches for me I duck from its grasp driving the knife between its second and third rib. Any blow like that would have been enough to drop any opponent, this one was different. While the darkness surrounding it diminished, the creature, this former man was still standing. Twisting on my off leg I start to spin for a kick to its head. Finish the fight quickly I repeat this mantra over and over, when the blow was going to land I felt its force being redirected. Looking below my heel I realize the creature raised its forearm to block the blow. Its arm should have been broken but yes he was holding its ground. As I stare at the creature with my eyes wide, if flashes quickly towards me not realizing its speed, is stumble backwards as its first blow lands on my temple. Dazed I throw my hands up in a quick guard as a quick kick comes towards my head, followed up by a heavy blow aimed to my lower ribs. Blocking the kick left me wide open for the incoming blow, they teach you how to take blows but nothing could have prepared me for that, even wearing my body armor, falling over on the ground I attempt to catch my breath. As I look up just in time to see another blow coming towards my face. Its about to hit when there is a flash in front of me. Standing there holding the fist of the creature in front of me, my mentor wastes no time in continuing the assault on the creature landing multiple blows on the creature. As if not phased by the relentless assault the creature paused a crooked grin spreading across its face as it pulled my knife from its chest. Before anyone can say anything the creature is in front of my mentor in a flash. He is looking down at me now, with that same smile he always had, there is something different now, his eyes are no longer alive with the smile there is no happiness there, all that is left is nothing. He hits the floor with a thud, my entire team is gone, I am all alone now, death will come for me. The creature comes close to me preparing to give a final blow from behind as I kneel in defeat, everything slows down. He raises the knife for its final plunge, as it reaches the peak of its ark I throw my body backwards into the creature trying to wrestle the knife from its cold hands. As I break fingers in my attempt to get the knife, I feel the creature beating on me with its free arm. Finally I get a hold on the knife. With a cry I thrust the weapon through the creatures eye. We both fall limp, panting heavily I realize the flapping of the wings is almost deafening. Looking up I see the source of the wings, what appears to be an angel but it is black wings are its most noticeable feature. As the creature reaches the ground I get to my feet, gazing at the fallen angel I am paralyzed, as the wings fold behind it I realize that the angel is gazing around at the mess caused by my team, as her eyes land on me I feel the dark presence inside of me, inside of my mind I am helpless against it. She walks towards me, walking is over complicating it, more like floating towards me she is so graceful the darkness is as much as going away from her as it is being created from her. Closing my eyes I realize my time is coming to an end, I feel her breath on my neck, she whispers something into my ear something that calms me. It is an uncertain future but I will be the vanguard of my angel, my Lilith. I loose myself in her embrace, I am hers now and forever, the darkness overwhelms me, as it overwhelms me it shields me, nurtures me soothes me, I know everything that they knew and they know what I know, we are on our way to the last bastion of the humans, I am no longer one of you. Death only follows me.

Categories: Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Jessie Masoner

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Reply Behind_the_Mask
1:08 AM on March 5, 2011 
i'm having trouble posting it exactly, so a bit of the punctuation is screwy but its a rough draft...
Reply jipper
9:41 PM on March 6, 2011 
Glitches aside, this reads fairly smooth. The beginning was a little heavy on the word darkness, but then it grabbed me for the haul.
Reply Christopher Law
6:30 PM on March 18, 2011 
Allowing for glitches and rough draft status this was fun - monsters and guns are always good.

I'm looking forward to a more polished version.