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Lilith 1.5

Posted on March 18, 2011 at 12:25 AM


Jessie Masoner

The sky was darkening, everyone knew that we may not make it through this one, but still everyone kept their hopes up, for the ones who were unable to fight back. Nothing could prepare us for the horror that we witnessed, the shadowy figures who were unphased by the artillery that we rained down upon them. The reports that came in were scattered, hopeful at first some men stated that they could be taken down with some sort of melee weapon. Others were overrun almost as soon as they got to their positions. The dead lay everywhere, shadows creeping towards our last line of defense. Soon they will be here. “Hear me.” Mason, pleaded with the remaining troops, “hear me, this is the last line of defense, what we do here will decide weather or not these innocents live or die, it is not our future we are fighting for but our kids, and our kids kids. For their future we put ourselves in the path of evil that is now approaching us. I have lived a long time, longer than most would have expected, but in my life I have found nothing worth fighting for until I have found the love of a child. That my people is worth fighting for. Are you with me?” Stirring speech for someone who knew their fate was sealed, but if it got the others to fight harder just for a little bit longer then it would be worth it, we will see how much of a difference a man can make when he is cornered. “Well, well Mason, I see you have not lost your flair for the dramatic.” A voice from the darkness states, “ I will tell you all this one time and one time only, bow before my mistress and you will be spared. Fight and you will perish.” From the crowd, “We will never join you!” “Dante, there is your answer, your 'Troops' have killed so many of their loved ones and they have lost everything, what makes you think that they would join you ever?” “Sad sad Mason, why would they join me? Well ask their families, I can offer them happiness, life safety against the coming storm. Their 'Loved' ones as you call them have already joined us, sure it took some 'convincing' but then again they are with us. You all are the last ones who stand against us is this region.” “Dante, you are the sad one, you used to be so proud what happened? Do you remember when we fought together? The blood we shed, everything that has happened to us over the years?” “I remember what happened do you? I remember that you led your unit into a trap that got them all killed and you a medal, despite the fact that my unit told you about it. I know decisions had to be made and don’t tell me you think about the ones who didn’t make it out of there alive because you and I know that isn’t true you are ruthless and heartless. I am trying to save everything, something more is happening.” “That’s it I wont let you get away with this, I will take you down no matter the cost, the men who died, died heroes and I do remember their faces every day do you think that anything you say will change that? I thought not. You save anything but yourself I doubt it.” “ Haven’t you noticed that the rest of the world hasn’t come to help our little corner of hell, something bigger is happening here and I gave you a chance to be on a side that was going for the greater good but not anymore, ten minutes is all I will give you just for old times any more than that I can not do. Don’t forget that your bullets will do nothing to us. Ten minutes.” With that he faded into the darkness leaving the men in a state worse off than before, thoughts were racing through everyone’s mind, how could he let his me die around him, he had a chance to save us all and he refused, we are all going to die. Out of all that happened there all the hopelessness that was spreading there was one glimmer of hope, they could be killed, not by bullets but by something else perhaps any sort of melee weapon something other than bullets would work. They had to survive. “Sir, we have to do something about this. I know we are doomed but if we can we can funnel them and try to last as long as possible, we only have knives but its better than nothing.” “Right, we have about five minutes, we need them to come straight for us. If they do anything else than that we are screwed there has to be a way for us to at least get the in a two one one fight.” Rearranging the barricades took all the time we had left, we weren’t even finished with the barricades when the first of them came. It was a scout, moving slowly towards us in the darkness behind him, I could have sworn that there were faces smiling behind it. Two of the younger, more eager men went out to meet it. Swinging wildly, they managed to slash at it cutting at would be its flesh. But as one of the men went in for a killing blow the figure twisted quickly grabbing his arm with a quick movement there was a sickening crack, and his knife fell to the ground. The other stood there in shock at what he just witnessed, with his partner standing there holding his arm screaming for help, in a flash the shadowy figure was behind the stunned partner, as soon as he was there he was dead a quick blow to the back of his neck and it was over. Shambling towards the wounded youth the shadow grabbed him by his throat, picking him up off the ground the figure started to squeeze, as the youths face stated to get red he was thrown towards the main barricade. With a smash he struck it, when the dust settled, the youth was impaled by part of the barricade becoming part of the barricade itself. At that moment everything went to hell, more of the Shadows appeared almost from nowhere, and the defensive line was starting to retreat. That was when Mason got to the front of the men, some held their rifles as clubs, some had their knives others had nothing. Still he spoke, “ Do not let them force you into a fight you can not win, this will take teamwork to win this, nothing else can help. Fight not because you should, but because you can because they will not let you rest until they are all dead, until these innocents are safe. We will survive.” Chaos, they attacked at the end of his speech, trying to catch him off guard, adjusting his stance he plunged his blade into the chest of one of his assailants, quickly removing his blade he moved on to the next target closest to him. As he jabbed with his blade the Shadow dodged, and lunged at him catching him off guard. One of the men nearby, went to tackle the Shadow before he could get closer to Mason. The two figures started to brawl, leaving Mason to deal with more of the Shadows, one by one Shadows fell and yet where one fell it seamed like two took its place, no such luck with out own men, one by one we were finished off by these abominations of their former selves. The last of us made a circle to defend ourselves, when we were surround tired and beaten they advanced no further. “Well well well, Mason I am impressed, I see that you took my hint directly, I may have to get some replacement troops from here also, but I will take you five on at the same time as to finish it quickly, admirable as it may seem I have had enough of your games.” “Five on one? A little unfair seeing what we have done to your troops, don’t you think?” “You want to know how I got this position, I bet you do, in order to find out you'll have to kill me do you have it in you. Are you ready?” At that moment Dante disappeared and appeared in front of the most bruised men, as the man slashed in air Dante ducked and threw a punch at his knee. With a loud pop the man fell to the ground, before the rest of the group could react he was gone. Hopeless as it may seem, we still were ready to fight, nothing could have prepared anyone for what was going to happen. He appeared between two of the men standing there, as the two men went for a stab at him. Spinning through the air he managed to dodge the blades of the men while guiding them to each other, within moments three of the five original fighters were disabled. With his back turned to Mason he approached the final fighter, swinging at Dante the fighter was prepared for his speed, but not his strength, while his fight lasted longer then the others and he managed to land a few blows he was ultimately doomed, when he threw a wild punch he grabbed his arm twisting it he heard a pop. Shifting his weight he hurled the brawler at the man who he disabled first, sending them into the sea of darkness. “Funny don’t you think?” “Whats funny Dante?” “The fact that we are the last two again almost like a good old fashion duel. Shame there is no sun to set high noon.” “True Mason, true but this cant be helped can it. Do you remember giving my team orders out to meet this threat, you knew then that it was a death trap didn’t you yet here I am. I am going to kill you for what you did not only for me but for all the others who had no idea.” “Poor poor Dante, don’t you realize that there are forces at work bigger than you or me?” “Of course I do, do you think I killed all of your men for no reason? I know that the supposed innocents you are protecting are all dead. He got to you already didn’t he? “True, he gave me the power to defeat you, in exchange for a small sacrifice of those people, the needs of the many Dante.” “They will be the end of you, you have no idea what you have done. Zepar has come to you hasn’t he? This is a war that is bigger than either of us, my mistress was trying to protect the fallen children of Adam.” “His children are doomed and you know it don’t you.” “I see now, tell me when did you stop being Mason? When did you become Zepar? Was it recent or was it some time ago?” “The gig is up I see, isn’t that what you humans say? This body shall do for now. It was quite recent in a matter of fact, actually when this Mason sent your team out to try to deal with Lilith's pets, he prayed for help but as you know Heaven has been well lets say they are a bit busy.” “Well then I suppose its up to me to stop you as it should have been from the start.” “Don’t hold back because I wont.” With that Dante was gone in a flash, a fog seemed to materialize out of nothingness. Mason's form began to change, his features being distorted horns materializing, there but not there his true form bursting out of the shell that he was in. The fire burning in his eyes, “Your tricks wont work on me, you should know that.” Suddenly from behind a fist, as fast as the fist had been Zepar was faster, leaning to one side dodging the attack, fists flying everywhere yet nothing was landing. Feigning a kick, Dante went in for a punch. Landing the punch sending Zepar flying, landing on his feet with a wicked smile blood starting from a cut that appeared on his cheek, his smile faded away, with that he was on the attack. Unable to keep up with his speed or strength, Dante decided to take a blow to the head, trying to roll on the floor to draw the knife of one of the fallen men. Slowly getting up Zepar approached ready to finish the fight quickly, that’s when Dante fell towards him in a fake trying to stab the creature in the heart. Knowing what was coming Zepar, twisted his body to absorb the blow in the ribs kicking Dante away clutching his side. It was over and he knew it, he struggled to get to his feet, all that happened was that he fell to his knees. As Zepar approached, he heard the sound of wings flapping, no matter what he knew that he had won weather or not he would survive this. When Zepar reached him he had the smile of his old friend on him, it was over, as he waited for the final blow, everything slowed down the world went dark around him and he felt calm. He witnessed Zepar's form being pierced with what looked like a sword, but a dark evil twisted one. The body of my friend fell to the ground in a bloody heap, the demon who kept him in one peace had left him, broken and destroyed. Her presence comforted me, she spoke to me, there was not a single voice but many also none “You have done well my pet, you will not be forgotten, there is a long way to go. Rest for now because there is much work to do.” With that I slept darkness around me, memories of my life filled my head, not just that but the memories of everyone’s life who was taken by the darkness, who was protected by the darkness until the world was safe enough for my mistress to set us free, until then I will be on the front lines fighting for her. All I feel is her embrace, I feel her skin soft and hot, yet firm and cold at the same time. A kiss on the forehead and my pain is gone, the sound of her wings flapping fills my ears and I am weightless she is holding me we are headed to our next destination.

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Reply Christopher Law
6:40 PM on March 18, 2011 
A lot better than the first version, the ideas are better developed and I liked the wording more too. I did find it a little hard to read as on block of text but my formatting is awful too so I can't really complain.

Good stuff, I hope there's more to come.