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Mourning In Hochington - Day One / I

Posted on March 29, 2011 at 5:40 PM

NOTE: This is just a preivew of Day One in my book Mourning In Hochington Volume One. You can find it on Kindle.

Day One
Thursday, 15th of May.

     It was a bright Thursday morning in the second week of May, in the town of Hochington. A town with a Main Street and a Union Street with just two traffic lights directing traffic in the main cross roads. A beautiful neighborhood with Victorian Style homes mainly outside of town with Frank Lloyd Wright style homes mainly inside town. The town had it's essentials, the Hochington plaza was wide, it had it basics, A town bar, general store, a ma and pa restaurant, a ice cream shop, 'The Hochington View' as there local newspaper, and a gas station on the outskirts of downtown that was open at 5am to 11pm, including in the outskirts of the town was also included a small apartment building and a small ma and pa motel . A town where people who did not like the riff-raff of the city, can live here in Hochington. The town laid up in a Michigan setting. 
     People were getting ready for school or otherwise work. There were crowds of kids walking to school or getting rides. The high school kids were on there way to school, for which school started early at 7:10am.  
"Wake up, Tobey." Sarah Carneal said to her son. Sarah, a 32-year-old long red-haired wife and a mother to a little boy Tobey who is 7 years old.
Sarah again, "Tobey, wake up. It's time to go to school." She repeated to Tobey. He slowly raised up, "Do I have to, Mom?"
     "C'mon Tobey, there is only one month of school left," she said, then continued with a silly voice, "I think you'll make it." Tobey then giggled, then he arose from bed.
Sarah, still in her robe, walked to her room where she shared it with her husband. Anthony was in the bathroom shaving.
"Anthony, are you working the 10-hour shift today?" Sarah asked Anthony.
"Yes, hon, I go to go to the city." Anthony replied.
"So, you work until 7pm?"
Sarah was putting on her elegant red blouse and grabbed a pair of tan khaki dress pants and walked into the bathroom.
"Honey, did you ever think about what I said last night?" She asked.
Anthony stopped shaving, "You mean... having another child?" He asked.
"Well, yes."
Anthony paused for a moment, "...I wasn't really thinking about it. I was thinking that we should wait a few years."
     Another pause came after while Sarah slowly got her dress pants on.
"Well, I guess that would be..." she said while tucking in her blouse, then continued while reaching for her belt. "....you know, I...." she paused, trying to think.
Truthfully, Sarah wanted another child. But her husband Anthony wasn't interested in that at the time, possibly ever. One is enough is his mind, or should be gullible.
She sighed and said, "I suppose we can wait." While she put her belt on.
Anthony stood there looking for something else to say. Then it came to him, "Since, I'm not going to be home for a while, do you want to go get a pizza? For you and Tobey?"
Sarah looking in the mirror, applying make-up on, "Uhh... yes."
Anthony began to wash off any of the left over shaving cream on his face. He looked in the mirror again, paying more attention to Sarah and thinking about her physical beauty. She was a slender young woman with lovely red hair and a sexy dark red blouse to match the color but not the shade.
     Sarah's age was mistaken by some of the townsfolk who wasn't knowledgeable of her exact age. She had won the town beauty pageant award twice and it was going to be coming up on Wednesday. Anthony, age 37, worked in heating and cooling systems for basically large buildings. For he had to travel for some time to go to work, to Detroit and it's metropolitan areas. The man stood at 6'1" and was 210 pounds of slight muscle, but then again, he was overweight due to being fat.
     Tobey already got a bowl of cereal and now sitting on the kitchen table eating. Sarah then grabbed a granola bar and unwrapped it.
"Mom?" Tobey asked.
"Yes, sweetheart?" Sarah replying.
"Why don't adults eat cereal?"
"Well, some adults do, some adults just get sick of cereal and like to have something else for breakfast."
"Get sick of cereal?" Tobey asked in some form of shock. "I could never get sick of Cocoa Puffs."
Sarah laughed, "Neither can I, Tobey." Then she looked at the clock, it was 7:15. She had to take Tobey to school by 7:45 and also be at work before 8:00.
     Anthony walked in the kitchen. "How ya doing slugger?" He asked Tobey. Anthony was talking to Tobey in a form of a father and son talk about Baseball. Sarah watched in slight unhappiness, and her wishes of wanting another child. 
     After Tobey was done, the three walked outside to tackle the daily routine. Anthony walked to his truck while Sarah and Tobey walked to Sarah's van. Before Sarah went to her van, she wanted to talk to Anthony beforehand, "Tobey, go wait in the car." Then she yelled to Anthony.
"Honey, wait." She walked fast to him and said "Listen, I'm going to try and get out at 4:30, it shouldn't be a harsh day."
"Okay, well, whenever you get home, go get a pizza for yourself and Tobey." Anthony said, they then kissed.
"Tobey, have a good day at school, don't get into trouble." Anthony told Tobey.
"Okay, dad!"
Anthony left in his 2003 Red Dodge Dakota and took off south on the residential road that Carneal homes stood next to, Williams Street. While Tobey and Sarah left to Sarah's 2002 Silver Ford Windstar to take Tobey to school.
     Hochington remained a town in the northwestern part of St. Clair County, a population slightly south of Three thousand-plus according to the last census. It had three churches, a heavy Catholic church and school, a Protestant Church and a Baptist Church for a choice of one following a more-strict and less of a cheery path to Jesus Christ. All others would have to find there own, or if one of a Middle Eastern descent, in which Hochington had very, very few, would have to travel to Hamtramck or Dearborn, which was over forty miles and presented a difficult route to Interstate 94. The hope for no horrid traffic or Construction would be keen if traveling. In Michigan, there were two seasons, Winter and Construction, and they were known to overlap, a lot. Especially during the frigid Januaries, Februaries and also March and April too.
     Hochington had three schools. Morton Elementary School, in which Tobey attended, a middle school and a Catholic high school that served the 6-mile radius. All those choosing to attend a high school would see a sponsored School Bus ride to Harvey High in Erbing. Which was north of Hochington, hosting a population of over 6,000, and could be traveled north spotting route 31, for where it starts.
"Yes, sweetheart?"
"Why do these people, like, dress-up almost like you when they go to school?"
Sarah slightly giggled. "Well, that's a Catholic School." Tobey took a good look at the school and the people outside of it, wearing there school uniforms, crowds of people chatting. Then he saw a group of teenagers smoking.
"Mom, are all Catholic people good?"
"Well, yes, they do there best to be good."
"Then, why do these people smoke?" Tobey asked while he pointed out the window.
Sarah looked off of the road quickly and looked at the teenagers smoking wearing Catholic School uniforms. Sarah was slightly surprised.
"Those people have a lot of work to do." She said.
A slight three minutes after, they had arrived to Tobey's school. Sarah parked temporarily on the parking spot to let Tobey off.
     "You have a good day at school, Tobey. Now, give me a kiss." Tobey and Sarah kissed, then Tobey exited out of the vehicle and went to school, waving back to his mother. Sarah sat in her car for a short moment, slightly angry about Anthony disagreeing about having a second child. When she pulled off, she almost hit in an oncoming car when it was passing by. The car slowed down slightly and beeped. Sarah hit the breaks hard, narrowly missing the passing vehicle. The vehicle she nearly hit passed by. She then looked out, no traffic coming by, she drove back onto the road.
     "Shit." She said silently to herself.

     Sarah arrived to work at Hochington Bakery where she was manager of all accounts of the bakery, with a lot more to entail. She basically managed the place. For instance, when companies buy there baked goods to be delivered, it would be Sarah to get everything together at the right place at the right time. Sarah entered the bakery through the back door and was greeted by two of the bakers. Her first routine is to walk in the office and receive the orders for today.
"Pleasant day, isn't it?" a baker named Joseph asked Sarah.
"Yes, it's nice outside, it finally warmed-up here." Sarah replied.
"Oh, yes it did." Joe said then he sipped his coffee, then continued, "There's coffee in the back room, if you want any."
"Oh, I had a cup at home, thank you anyway."
"So, are you participating in the beauty pageant tomorrow?"
"Yes, I will be, I hope you vote for me."
"Well, my wife is not participating, so, I'll see if I can sneak in my vote."
They both giggled. Then a 5'11 man walked in the office, whose a storefront and partial shipping room worker by the name of Randy.
"Hello, Randy, how are you?" Sarah asked.
"I'm fine, thank you for asking." Randy replied, going to grab an apron.
     Randy is a 42-year-old man who was once a Social Studies teacher. Due to unexpected layoffs at the beginning of the school year in the district he was teaching in, which was closer to Detroit, in a wealthy School District in Macomb Township, which was a far drive. He was later reduced to being a storefront person at the bakery and lives with his father. But Randy is able to take the bad news well and basically has a smile on his face at all times. And people find him pleasant. If he had any misery, he was good at keeping it away from the public.

     Some loud music suggesting Doom or Progressive Metal was coming from a old red 1978 Ford F150, heavily rebuilt, minus the look. A young man boasting long blond-hair was behind the driver's wheel. He pulled into the back of the bakery and parked. He let the music go while he was collecting his belongings from the vehicle, then he shut it off. What walked out of the vehicle was a 6'3" man with a upwards pony tail, with tattoos on both of his arms, the one on his left side was done not by a professional tattoo artist in Detroit. He went by the name of Clayton. A 23-year-old man living on his own with a past that most of the townsfolk would see of interest. Clayton Rarset-Skye, basically known before as just Clayton Rarset, renewing his residency of Hochington for eight months already from being in Detroit for just over a year. And previously a resident of Downtown Erbing from the ages of 13 to 17.
     A man walking with a filled garbage bag spotted Clayton walking by, and said to himself, "Great, here comes the freak." The person holding the garbage bag went by the name of Ed. Edward Hadin preferred the life of a roughened gang member and always attempted to be hard. He had the mindset of a 14-year-old. Somewhat like a big kid, standing at the age of 24. Ed was more of a product of movies based on Urban neighborhoods and the reality of living and dealing in that urban setting. But, the majority of Hochington’s people ages seventeen and up didn’t agree with it. A Hochington Poll of Ed Hadin’s significance to the town would bring most votes pointing him as a Eminem wannabe.
     Clayton wore the proper uniform along with steel-toe boots. The usual Hochington Bakery uniform which is just a tee-shirt and a pair of your own pants. The tee-shirts came in all sorts of colors, and Clayton would prefer black. Clayton and Edward stared at each other while Clayton walked to the door.
     Edward wanted to call Clayton a faggot, but Edward never had to balls to insult Clayton while he is by himself, unless he thought he could win the battle. Edward was still living like a high school punk, although he quit school some time ago. Clayton and Ed were in school together, Ed grade higher and they were rivals.
     Clayton walked to the door and headed to the office. Joe, Sarah and Randy were still in the office. Sarah and Randy greeted Clayton, but Joe didn't. Joe didn't dig Clayton too much, but wasn't hateful to him.
     Joe was just about to head out of the office, "Joe, are you going to say hello?" Clayton asked with his deep voice.
“Oh, hello Clay.” Joe replied, then left.
A slight pause came after.
"Uh, Clay, there's coffee in the back room."
"Good to hear, Randy." Then Clayton looked towards Sarah. "How are the orders today?"
"We don't have that much, so you'll be out by 2pm to get to you other job." Sarah said to Clayton.
"You still working at the auto repair place here in town?" Randy asked Clayton.
"Yes I do, got to make ends meet, Randy. Plus, it helps keep my piece of shit truck on the road instead of in the junk yard." Clayton splattered out a curse word, he really never thought of what he said before he could say it. It all came out.
"I see how that is, are you going to the beauty pageant? You know Sarah is going to try and win it again like she did two years ago." Randy asked, with Sarah smiling.
"I got to work here 10-8 tomorrow, so I'll just be missing the big ceremony."
"Really?" Sarah asked, " Who scheduled you for that?"
"I got to do a personal errand for Mrs. Blankenfield, she wants me to put together the new computers and install all the software for it."
"Oh, gee Clay, I wish you could come, you'd vote for me, would you?" Sarah asked.
"I would, but I don't like to attend those." Clayton replied while Randy was walking out the door.
"Besides, I think you know what happened on that one you won." Clayton continued on.
"Oh, that." Sarah remembered
"Just after I left the Marine Corps." Clayton stated then continued, "Yasper got drunk and started a fight with me." Clayton paused for a moment. Then he looked at Sarah,
"I really don't think I need to explain it again."
     "Yes, Yasper. That guy still thinks he's a bad ass." Sarah said, she would curse in front of Clay, it was okay for her to shoot our four letter words in front of him. She was aware of his past, a lone trouble-maker who started out at fifteen, joining the Marine Corps at eighteen, exiting out at twenty-two, looking to comeback to Hochington to start a fresh line of life until he had figured out that Kris Yapser was still around and still creating trouble, and picked a fight with Clay.
"Agreed.” Clayton added, not wishing to add more words.
     Clayton's work with the company was primarily to package the baked goods, which were mainly cookies and bread that he company made. Then have them loaded to the truck. Clayton usually did the job by himself, or with help from Randy at times, or others if any were available. Even with Ed, a person who despises him.

     It was 1:30pm and Clay was working on the computer making proper labels while Sarah was getting ready to leave for her meeting. She walked by Clayton with a box she was holding.
"I wish I can stay, but I got to go to this meeting. If I get here before your done, I'll help you out." Sarah said.
"No, that's okay, I'll be done in three to four hours anyways." Clayton said with confidence.
Sarah then left for the meeting.
Some time had passed by and Clayton was basically packing the products and putting them into cartons. Randy entered the back room were Clayton was present.
"Hey, Clayton, my shift is done, but Mrs. Blankenfield said, if you needed help, I can stay and help." Clayton looked at his watch, it was just around 1:30pm. Clayton shrugged, "what the hell."
Randy walked to the sink to wash his hands.
"Besides, I got to work ten hours tomorrow with the beauty pageant and also the computers too." Clayton added.
"Yes, she asked me first, but since I already had plans to visit the beauty pageant, I guess she asked you?" Randy asked.
"That's how it is." Clayton replied.
Randy wasn't handling the packages properly for a slight moment and Clayton saw this. "You may want to go easy on those packages." Clayton told Randy.
     Randy then noticed he was packaging the items slightly rough. "Oh, sorry, Clayton."
Clayton nodded, "Just don't let Mrs. Blankenfield see you package that wrong. She may get PO'ed." Then he looked outside through the open door of the room, “Also, make sure Laura does not see that either, she will not get as pissed off at you, but she will get a pissed off at me.”
Randy looked up and was about to say something, but was holding back.
Clay looked back and saw Randy just staring at him with a blank face.
“Did I say something wrong?” Clay asked, lifting his eyebrows up.
“I've noticed you also have another bitter enemy here.” He said.
“Randy, when I make a mistake and leave for home or my other job, she calls my house and leaves shitty messages, pardon my French.” Clay said.
“Yes, that may be, there are ways of avoiding it, Clay.” Randy said.
“Doing the job right, I know, but I can't always be one-hundred percent.” Clay said.
“I was suggesting that you can talk to Mrs. Blankenfield.” Randy said.
“Tried that, let's get this job done.” Clay said.

     After work was done at the bakery. Clayton clocked out and headed to his truck. Ed watched Clayton while he headed to his vehicle while a friend of Ed's appeared on his bike. His name was Drake McNally. Drake was a 6'2" One Ninety-Five pounder who was basically the 'manager' or leader of a group or what he and Ed would call a gang in the school. He dropped-out of school at the age of eighteen after being held back twice, he now reaches at the age of nineteen, living in his mother’s basement and is likely to become jail bait very soon if asked by Hochington majority.
"Hey, y'all on break?" Drake asked.
"Yeah, dog." Ed replied.
"The hell are you doing today?" Drake asked.
     Randy was about to leave through the back, but he saw Ed and a friend talk, he decided to be an eavesdropper for once and hid behind a bakery rack and listened to the conversation.
"You know one of those girls that are going into the beauty pageant?"
"Man, I don't go to that."
"No dog, I mean one of those girls is going to get drunk and shit."
"Oh yeah, Mona. She gives blowjobs for a quarter a piece."
They both laughed after that comment while they both pulled out cigarettes and started smoking. While Randy found the conversation slightly surprising, but found out that last year's winner isn't so perfect after all. Then a car started followed by some speed metal music.
"Well, looks like fag boy is leaving." Ed said to Drake.
"Yeah, that faggot Clayton." Drake added.
Clayton was about to drive past Drake and Ed.
"Hey yo, watch this." Ed told Drake.
He began to give Clayton the evil stare as he drove off. The two started laughing after Clayton passed by.
     Clayton while passing by said to himself. "Look at me like that again and I'll run you over at a high rate of speed."
"Fuckin' punk ass faggot." Ed said while laughing, then continued. "I remember when Kris kicked Clayton's ass at school back when Kris was 16."
"Yeah, you told me about that when I met ya." Drake added.
"Here's how it went, when I was a freshman and Kris was a sophomore." Ed took a hit of his cigarette, then continued, "fuckin' Kris just go up and just whaled on him." Ed said then got in a position representing a person holding someone’s head and punching him. “Kris went, ‘Bam, Bam, Bam!’” while Ed was punching the air.
"Then Kris said, I'll fuckin' kill you motherfucker! Then Clayton was on the ground bleeding."
They both laughed hard afterwards.
"Then Clay cried like a little bitch." Followed by both of them laughing again, while Randy listening in the back trying to analyze.
"That's probably why his pussy ass went into the Marine Corps, so he can become tough." Drake said.
"Tough? Fuck, Kris will still kick his ass. Fucking Marine Corps." Ed assured. Both of them hit there cigarettes.
"So, what’s going on, where’s the car?" Ed asked Drake.
"The fucking thing died on 31, just a week ago. That’s why I’m on the bike.” Drake replied.
They both laughed as Randy decided to walk out.
"Hello, Ed" Randy said as he passed by, he then headed to his vehicle.
"Who's that?" Drake asked.
"Oh, that's Randy, He's some guy who works at the storefront." Ed replied. Randy then drove off and went back into town and stopped by The River Cafe which was the restaurant in town. Open at 6am and closing at 9pm, Monday through Thursday, 6am to 10pm on Friday and Saturday, and 7am to 7pm Sunday.

     Randy exited out of his 2002 Ford Explorer and walked into The River Cafe that was located in The Hochington Plaza, which also contained the town's General Store, the town's newspaper and also a hardware store that was a ma and pa shop. A young Yugoslavian waitress greeted Randy as he sat down at a table, the divorced man with no kids of his own had kept his eye on the young Yugoslavian lovely as she walked to the Soda Fountain. A man at the bar named Matthew spotted Randy from behind
"So, is the bakery doing well?" Matthew asked.
Randy looked up and saw Matthew, breaking his attention from her.
"Hello, Matt." Randy acknowledged.
"You don't mind if I sit down at your table?" Matthew asked.
"Why, go on ahead." Randy said, Matthew had blocked the view of him staring at the lovely Yugoslavian woman who was approaching with a large glass of water.
Matthew who is in his 50's, worked for a steel factory in Chesterfield. It was his day off today. He has lived in Hochington all his life and was very alert about community events. Matthew sat at Randy's table and then pulled out the day's edition of The Hochington View.
"If you didn't get a newspaper today, you can have mine, I'm done with it." Matthew told Randy.
"Nah, I read it this morning, thank you anyway." Randy replied while drinking some water.
The young Yugoslavian waitress came to Randy's table, "The usual, Randy?" she asked in her accent.
"Yes, the club sandwich." Randy replied. She wrote down Randy's order then asked Matthew if he wanted anything.
"No, I'm about to walk out." said Matthew.
"You didn't go to the Harvey High School basketball game two days ago?" Matthew asked.
"You know, I didn't go. How was it?" Randy asked.
Matthew had a smile on his face, "My son got 20 points, the game ended 56-44!" Matthew said.
"Wow, another win for the Harvey Cavaliers." said Randy.
"I know, I'm proud of my son." Matthew added.
Randy looked at the newspaper, and saw that the team is playing today. "They are playing today?" asked Randy.
"Yes, are you going?" Matthew asked.
"Well, I'm not doing anything today... I suppose so. Save me a seat." Randy told Matthew.
"Alright, Ill see you there." Matthew replied while he was getting off his seat. Then added, "I got to go."
"I'll see you at the game." Randy said to Matthew while he was exiting out.
"Ok, Randy." Matthew said as he walked out.

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