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Mourning In Hochington - Day One / II

Posted on March 29, 2011 at 6:03 PM

     Clayton was working at his afternoon to night job at the auto care place in Hochington. Basic duties were to service the cars from fixing any flat tires to fixing any engine problems. Clayton, while in the Corps, had taken some of his college money handed to him from the US Government to brush up on his skills as a mechanic, but never used them until seven months previously. It was something he had took the time to get the certification while serving in the Marine Corps. He had worked the bakery for eight months and the auto mechanics place for six. The auto job was his preference, for his boss here was a male and didn’t appear to be wealthy, unlike the big boss at Hochington Bakery, One Mrs. Blankenfield, who isn’t too keen on Clay’s appearance and also asking him many too many for his job description. 

     He was one who didn’t agree with people that had the combination to be wealthy and selfish and secretly envied Mrs. Blankenfield, for her less pay and no benefits. A major demerit was for her religious attitude and making judgments in the past at Clay's preference of being an Atheist.

     It is slightly before 4pm and a older teenage boy who could guess he was still in high school due to some text books he had in the back of his Black Cadillac with a retractable roof. He was the son of a well-known by some residents of Hochington and St. Clair County as a public defender for Port Huron Circuit Court, or being one of them. The teenager pulled up his vehicle and gave a slip of what he wanted done on his car to Clay, the name of this person was Max Kreps, a surname was familiar to him in the recent past.

     Mr. Kreps wanted his front driver side tire fixed up and to see if a nail may of went in it. Along with all his tires rotated and filled with air at the right PSI, since the gas station in town does not supply air at the time.

     Clay propped the wheel off that needed to be checked, allowing it to bounce on the ground, picking it up and walking into the building to the small portion at the left corner where the Automatic Tire Balancer was located, along with a company toolbox that carries all of the necessary tire repair tolls if done manually. He found the flat with a product that the management has told Clay to use was a green substance one could input into a tire, allowing the substance to peek through a hole in the tire, which Clay had found. He patched it up and forwarded the wheel and lugged the wheel back on. He then heard footsteps inside the shop.

"Yo, man, could you hurry this up, I got to go somewhere." Said someone, Clay looked over to see it was Max, telling the man by his tire, posing long blond hair, built up and wearing dark sunglasses.
Clayton wanted to tell him to fuck off, but instead of being hasty, he tried to be nice.
"Let me get some air in these tires, and you'll be on your way." He told Max.
"Well, hurry it up, dude." Max stated then walked away. Clayton just walked back and checked Max's tires PSI, the one that was having air pumped into, it was in standard, onto the next tire.

After the tire rotation was done and Clayton was working on the adding air to them, Max came by again,
"Man, are the tries done?" In a rude tone of voice.
Clayton was behind he car ducking down checking the tire when he heard this. Clay thought to himself, 'This guy is worse than a soccer mom.'
Clayton slowly raised, facing Max. "The last tire is being filled, and with all due respect, filling up all tires with air including a tire fixture takes time. Now, you should wait outside, it's employees only here." Clayton told Max.
Max stood there for a few seconds and then walked off, and making a comment to himself, "Stupid-ass retard."
But Clayton heard it. He looked up and thought of wanting to say something back to Max, but he knew that he was at work, so he held back in his commentary, or else he would probably be fired.

     After the requested maintenance was complete, Clayton walked into the office to tell the young oriental female receptionist, "The Black Cadillac is fixed up."
Max would jump in his car at a fast rate of speed and drove off fast. Clayton wondered what the hell was he worrying about.

     Leanne Harolds, along with another male victim, were in the second floor waiting to get out of detention. She looked at the clock, it was 4:14 pm, she had to wait one more minute. She looked at the clock and it had no sign of speeding up. She rolled her eyes and sighed. Then she looked out the window and saw Max in his car with the top down. She wasn't expecting him to be waiting.
"You may leave now." Said the sister who was supervising detention. Leanne grabbed her bag and walked fast to the stairway. The male had left the detention room first, going the different direction in the hallway. When she moved fast down the stairs, another Catholic School girl noticed her running.
"Walk!" The girl said. Walking the same way Leanne was.
Leanne obeyed the comment for a few seconds, then started walking faster.
"Walk!!" The girl stated in a rude tone of voice.
Leanne didn't obey and walked slightly faster.
"I said walk!" The girl urged.
Leanne turned around, "Shut the fuck up!"
She and the girl stood there for a few seconds, a nun walked out of a room and stared at the both of them.
"Okay, who saying the foul language?" The nun asked. Leanne started running to the door. The girl turned around to the nun and was about to point at Leanne and say she cursed. But the nun knew who Leanne was.
"Leanne Harolds, you come back here now, or I'll call your parents." The nun directed. But Leanne ignored it and walked out the door.

Leanne Harolds mother converted to Catholic and became strict about it. But
Leanne begged to differ. She ran to her car and saw Max as he noticed her.
"Hey! Leanne!" Max said with a smile on his face.
Leanne was running still, "Start the car!" She urged Max.
Max was wondering why she was running.
"Max, start the car, please!" She said while running. Max then started the car and Leanne jumped right in the back.
"Leanne Harolds, get back here right now!" Said the nun who saw her just a minute ago, walking out the door.
"Max, drive! Get me the fuck out of here!" Urged Leanne.
Max then hit the gas and curved into the street off of the parking section, almost hitting a car coming on his lane. Leanne was relieved to leave the school.

     The nun who requested Leanne to come back went into the office. A man who worked for the school was about to use the phone. 
"Jake, would you mind if I used the phone first?"
The man named Jake said, "Well, Okay, please make it quick though, I have something to get to."
"It will be fast, don't worry." The nun assured.
While holding the phone, she looked for Leanne's file and found it within seconds, she pulled out her file and called her home phone number. The nun waited patiently while the phone ranged. An answering machine came up. A female voice suggesting Leanne's mother stated, "You have reached the Harolds' residence. We are unable to take your call, so please leave a message and we will contact you as soon as possible. May god be with you."
After the tone, the nun said "Mr. and Mrs. Harolds, I need to speak to you about Leanne's behavior problems. Please contact me, this is Sister Rosemary at 555-0987. Thank you." When that call was finished, she noticed a second number on the list, hoping it would be some form of contact to her parents.

     Leanne Harolds, a very attractive and slim woman indeed, standing at a five-feet nine-inches, with long brown hair. She was a candidate for the town's beauty pageant, and also the Catholic School's girls basketball and volleyball teams. But she wasn't interested in any of those. She only had a few key interests: her boyfriend, partying and also, her addiction to a drug known as Ecstasy. Max and Leanne were driving out of town north wanting to go get some pills of Ecstasy. But since there was no one in Hochington that sold Ecstasy since a year ago due to a arrest, they had to go to Erbing. A larger town with far more essentials opposed to Hochington, and was three times as large. Not only Erbing was a place that when a Hochington resident may need more, it is also a place where the potheads of Hochington would go if they need to upgrade in the harder drugs department. A apartment complex off of Route 31 in the outskirts of Downtown Erbing was known to have the dealers. And people in Hochington looking for drugs harder than Marijuana would often go to Erbing.

     If not, the would reach the south end on Route 31 to head south on Gratiot on a 9-mile trip and enter the flourishing city of Chesterfield. Where some Erbing and Hochington residents would go for a better shopping experience, and for the better drugs without a large police interference.
Leanne was still in her Catholic School uniform. Max did like her in that outfit in a sexual way. That was his fetish, but did not confess much to. Leanne was slightly drained out due to school, while Max was driving north on 31, that would lead to Erbing.
Leanne rested her head on Max's side and held onto his leg.
"I hate that fucking school." She said.
Max was trying to pay attention to her and also his driving on the road. She then started rubbing Max's stomach by sticking her hand under his shirt.
She then looked at Max with smile, "After we get out of Erbing, I want you at my house." Leanne demanded.
Max looked at Leanne, "You better hope your parents aren't there." He said.
Leanne chuckled and said, "There gone for the day, they won't be home till tomorrow."
Max kept driving at a fast speed of 60mph on a speed limit of 45 on the road. Leanne was then thinking of something, under the category of shocking. She looked behind her, no cars behind but one about twenty seconds away she guessed.
She then looked at Max. "Hey, slow the car down a bit." Leanne told Max.
"Why?" Max said while chuckling.
She then went to the back of the car and locked her legs onto the seat while she sat on top of the back end. Max knew what she was about to do, she was going to flash her breasts to passer-bys.
"Oh, girl, you are crazy." Max said while laughing.
She then sat on top and looking if there was a car or a big truck to pass by. Leanne saw a mini-van and decided not to flash at that. She thought it would be a car filled with a mother and kids. And she was right. She then saw a pick-up truck not too far down. Max with good eye vision saw a man driving with a woman on the passenger side.

"Hey, Leanne, do them!" Max said while pointing at the truck. Leanne took her coat off and began to slowly undo her blouse that the uniform consists of. She then took off her bra, but her blouse wasn't undone totally to display her breasts. When the car was about to pass by in 10 seconds, she then undid her blouse completely and dropped it around her. Her tits were showing. Max looked at her and then his eyes darted at the road with laughter. When the truck was about to pass by, Max started honking his horn constantly while Leanne was massaging her breasts, in order to increase the shock value.

     The man driving the truck with his overweight wife on the passenger side were wondering why the passing car was beeping there horn, and at the last two seconds of it, they both caught the glimpse of Leanne showing her tits to them. With the less noticeable Max laughing hard at them. The woman couldn't believe it, and was offended by this. The man found it unbelievable as well, but not offended. When they passed by, she looked at them in disgust. Then she looked at the man, "Did you just see that?"
"....Yes, I did." The man slowly said, not trying to show any happiness about it.
"My god, there are precious children out there that are going to see that." She added, looking back.
"Oh, oh yes." The man said, pretending to be offended by it.

     Max and Leanne were laughing hard after this and Leanne was buttoning her blouse. Max then looked down the road and saw a car he noticed. He knew the person driving it. It was a known school nerd in at Harvey high, located in Erbing, that he knew would be offended by a showing of breasts.
"Hey, wait!" Max ordered Leanne. Leanne was still buttoning her blouse.
"Do this guy coming up!" Max said as he pointed to the upcoming car.
"What?" Leanne asked.
"Do it to this guy, he'll fucking have nightmares for life." Max said.

     Leanne took a look at the upcoming car, then she said, "Okay." Then she started to undo her blouse again. When the car on the opposing lane was about to pass by, Leanne spread her blouse to show a good view of her breasts. When the person in the car saw this, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. As the cars passed by each other, the victim of indecent exposure hit the breaks and stopped at the curve. Max and Leanne where laughing hard while she did her blouse back up and moved up front.

     Max and Leanne finally arrived in the city limits of Erbing a short time later coming from the north end where the original downtown. They turned left onto Division Street, then drove to the apartment complex on one of the side streets of the outskirts of Downtown Erbing. The complex wasn't so large, posing two stories. They were cheap and Max and Leanne, like some people knew in Erbing and it's surrounding areas, knew it best, it attracted the low-levels of society. Such as drug dealers. Max parallel parked his vehicle in front of the apartment complex, which stated one hour parking only.

     They walked into the apartment and headed into the first floor row of doors, reaching at 110, knocking at the door next. A bald white man with a Generation X style beard staying around his mid-twenties appeared out of the door way. He was wearing a white muscle shirt and had the barb-wire tattoo on his left arm.
“Robbo!” Max yelled out.
The man presumably named Rob or Robert had smiled on, next to put his index finger over his lips to signify that Max should quiet down.
“What?” Max said with a lower voice.
“There's fucking senior citizens in here now, they are very bitchy.” The man said.
“Oh, alright.” Max said, and door 108 had opened slowly to see an old lady open the door with glasses on and a dirty stare.
Max and Leanne walked in while seeing the pissy elderly woman give them a stare, closing the door behind them. The bald man greeted Max and stuck his tongue out in a sexual way to Leanne.
“Rob, even though I turned eighteen, you still not getting any.” Leanne said to Rob as she sat down on the couch in his living room.
“C'mon, you look bang-able wearing that Catholic School uniform.” Rob said, still showing the look of love in his eyes, but mainly, he wanted to tap Leanne.
“Oh, go to my school and fuck one of the nuns there, you fag. I'm taken.” Leanne said while she sat herself on the couch, Max sitting next to her, looking to Rob and saying, “Yeah, she's taken. By me, biotch!”

     The bald man named Robert was one of Erbing and Hochington's few resources for the drug called Ecstasy. And at times the only resource of the drug of Ecstasy. People in search of the drug like Max and Leanne who were in Hochington, at most times would drive to Robert's place in Erbing. Max, Leanne and Robert walked into Robert's apartment, which had it essentials in some cases. It had a couch, but with a rip, some chairs, a well-sizeable kitchen with dark oak cabinets and also an entertainment center, filled with DVDs and CDs. The CDs were mainly Rap and R&B music.

Rob looked down with a smile and defeat, then put together what Max was here for.
“Hey, got the cash?” Rob asked.
“Yeah, if you got the pills.” Max said.
“Yeah, I got em, got a couple of yellows,” Rob was saying, he then walked to his room in the single room apartment, while continuing on, “got one with the Texaco sign on it, it's pink. Somethin' for Leanne.”
“As long as it gets me high and horny, it will work.” Max said.
“Shut up.” Leanne said with disgust, but with a smile.
Max was about to reply to that, but Rob hollered from the other room.
"Did you guys just get out of school?"
"I did, but Leanne was in detention." Max replied.
“I was just about to say, why the hell could you come by my place when you got out of school.” Rob said from the room, opening shelves and it sounded as if he was searching for his product.
“Yeah, but I had to come back to Hochington to pick up my girl, but there was a damn nail in my tire, I had to take it to Hochington Auto & Towing, this fucking freak working on it was taking a long ass time doing it.” Max said.
“How the hell did a nail get in there?” Rob asked from the other room, sounding like he was finishing and his shadow confirmed he was walking to the living room.
“I don't know, I'm guessing it was Thirty-One or hell, it could have been at Main Street in town is where I got the nail from.” Max said, seeing that Rob had entered the living room.
“In the H?” Rob asked.
“Here in Erbing, I thought I felt the thump but didn't think too much of it until I got home and heard a sound of the tire losing air.” Max said.
"Damn, so how many pills you goin' to buy?" Robert asked from the other room.
Max then looked at Leanne and asked, "How many for the each of us?" Leanne started thinking, then she said, "Two each."
Max turned to Robert's room and said, "Four." Some indication of movement came from Robert’s room. Then he exited the room to enter the living room and noticed Max laying his head on Leanne's lap.
"You two are the perfect couple." Robert said while laughing.

     Sarah finally arrived from the meeting and back to the bakery. She exited the company car and breathed a little. It was a long meeting. She started walking to the bakery while cursing to herself. She had supplied to a soon-to-be married couple before they are going to tie the knot and received negative feedback from the couple. For not only she had handled wholesale accounts and was the personal slave for one Dina Blankenfield, she also had to handle the weeding cakes that were made for delivery, whether it was herself delivering it, or from the help of the main delivery driver Laura Hybille, or the fill-in, Clayton.

     Two male teenagers working outside the bakery picking up trash in the parking lot noticed Sarah walking to the bakery. The older teenager had a crush on Sarah, and the younger one of the two feed off of it from influence of the older one. Sarah was far away from the teenagers and they started to make comments of Sarah's beauty, yet in a perverted way. That slim body with the khaki pants and red blouse had raised their testosterone levels.
"Damn, don't you just want to fuck that?" the older teenager asked the younger one.
"Oh, hell yeah..... too bad her husband is fucking fat." The younger one said, followed by laughter.
"Yeah, lucky bastard." The older one said. Sarah noticed the laughter but not the words.
She then turned around.
"What are you two laughing about?" She asked to the teenagers with a bright smile.
The teenagers then thought she may of heard all those words, they then paused.
"Are you two picking up the trash around the parking lot?" Sarah asked.
"Uhh, yes, we are." The younger teenager said.
"Okay, just try and get ever little bit off the lot. And also, did you guys see Clay when you two walked in?" Sarah asked them.
The two teens looked at each other and then the older one said, "no, he must of left early."
"Okay, thanks guys." Sarah said as she continued walking to the back door.

     As Sarah opened the back door to the bakery, a bulky female appeared suddenly, it gave Sarah a slight scare.
"Oh, you here. Good, Clayton screwed-up something again."
The bulky female's name is Laura Hybille. She was overweight and stood a mere five-foot eight-inches. She had very short hair and wasn't a woman that the Hochington men, including the despite unemployed ones would fuck. The lone two male teenage employees of Hochington Bakery made the rumor that she happened to be same sex-oriented. Sarah converted her bad mood to a good mood quickly.
"Well, what happened now, Laura?" Sarah asked
"This is the fourth time in a row, he put something in the wrong box." Laura said in a slight anguished tone.
"Well, let's go take a look." Sarah suggested.

     Both Laura and Sarah crawled into the cluttered Ford F-350 Van via the back door and took a look. Clayton loaded the truck by himself as inputted on the delivery log. Laura walked to the problem area.
"See this?" Laura said while pointing down at the area. Sarah looked at it, then she looked at another area that is also a problem, it appeared that Clayton put something in the wrong spot in replace of another one, which a switching of the cartons would remedy.
Sarah pointed at the box and said, "Clayton just put two boxes in the wrong areas. All we need to do is switch them. You grab that box and I'll grab this box." Sarah and Laura switched boxes.
"Okay, problem solved." Sarah told Laura, with a smile on her face. Laura was basically fed up with Clayton's errors.

Sarah was exiting the truck through the back door, Laura followed.
"Tomorrow's delivery isn't bad, so I'll be at the pageant tomorrow." Laura said.
"Okay, are you going to vote for me?" Sarah asked.
"Well, there's a lot of competition." Laura replied.
They both giggled after that.
"And speaking of Clayton, I remember what he did two years ago at the beauty pageant." Laura remembered.
"Oh, stop it , Laura." Sarah said.
"No, what he did was totally unacceptable." Laura said, she was about to continue but Sarah interrupted.
"Laura, that guy tried to stab Clayton with a broken beer bottle. I think you need to calm down about what Clayton does."
Laura sighed then said, "I guess your right... That guy just..."
"Just what?"
"He's a strange guy, with those tattoos and that... Gothic way of life. A friend of mine says he worships the devil."
Sarah laughed at that, but cleared herself from it and restarted, "Laura, now I'm aware of Clayton and what he is into, but Clayton has worked here for almost nine months and he has done great work. I will talk to him about this. Plus, I don't think Clay worships the devil, he's an Atheist."
Laura showed a sign of agreement and walked into the delivery truck to start deliveries. As Sarah walked into her office, overshadowed with the thought of Laura having a mental problem of sort.

     She was about ready to call it off for the day. First, making a personal phone call to her son's school. Dear ole Tobey was a latchkey student. She called to tell them that she was going to pick up her son very son. Sarah then clocked out of work and was walking to her SUV. The same two teenagers who were working outside earlier were still working outside far away from Sarah. The two noticed her walking to her vehicle. But this time, the decided to keep the comments to themselves.

     It was 5pm, and Laura was driving in town to make her first stop of three in-county deliveries, which was Hochington Auto & Towing. The one and only in town and the other place Clayton worked at. The place brought a chocolate cake and a vanilla cake for the 30th Anniversary party they were going to have.

     She parked the car at a side street. She exited out of the truck and went to the back door. She opened the door slightly to just grab the two boxes that had the cakes in them. Laura had both boxes in her hands and slowly walked to the garage's front office. The door was already open due to the warm day that was. A young black-haired and beautiful oriental lady sat in front of the desk was typing on the computer, while a female customer had waited for repairs to be done.
"Excuse me, ma'am" Laura said, trying to get the lady's attention. The lady looked up.
"Are you the person from Hochington Bakery?" The lady asked.
"Oh, we have a person here who works over there."
"Yes, Clayton."
"Oh, you know Clayton?"
"Yes, is it possible that I can have a word with him."
"Well, lets see if he is not busy."

     She waited outside the garage, waiting for Clayton. Clayton then appeared. At first, Clayton thought it was Sarah making a quick delivery before going home, and also the fact that Clayton did not receive this order while working. Clayton was unhappy to see Laura instead, he knew she was going to complain about something minimal. He'd rather see Sarah.
"Yes?" Clayton greeted.
"You screwed up for the fourth time!" Laura said in a rude tone of voice.
Clayton then looked around to see if there is no visible customers outside.
"Laura, do me a favor and stop coming to my other job or call my phone and leave fucked-up messages about my work. I'm not perfect like you project yourself to be."
Laura and Clayton were silent after that. Then the Asian lady came outside to hand Laura the payment.
"Ma'am, here's they payment." She said while she handed the papers to Laura. Laura took the payment from the lady but keep her eyes on Clayton, giving him the evil stare. Then she walked off to the truck.

     Clayton walked back into the garage and the Asian lady walked back into the front office. The Asian lady was wondering why Laura looked angry.
Clayton thought to himself, ‘I should slap her with a god-damn monkey wrench.’
Upon entering into the office and entering the shop, or what Clay would define, ‘the field,’ the lovely Asian woman had stopped Clay while she reached her desk.
Clay stopped and looked at her, “Yes?”
“She seemed angry.”
“She always is.”
Clay was about to step-out of the conversation, but the lady continued, “Why is she always pissed?” followed by a gentle laugh.
Clay thought of several sarcastic replies, but said, “I suppose her life sucks.”
He then looked out of the window of the office to see Laura start up the vehicle while looking straight at him, her patented frown with her.
“Her life sucks?” The Asian woman asked, followed by a laugh.
“I got several other sarcastic replies.” Clay said while looking at her and dropping his stare to Laura.

     Max and Leanne arrived back to Downtown Hochington, going to Leanne's home. Leanne lived slightly southwest of the downtown area. Max drove on Main Street, passed Union and went through thee array of side streets while passing Morton Elementary and turning to Williams Street. He parallel parked just right in front of her house. They both exited out of his vehicle by hopping out. Max headed toward the door while Leanne grabbed her issued coat from the back of Max's car, folded it and held it around her arm.
"Max, it may rain hard today. I think you better pull your roof up." Leanne reminded Max.
Max turned around with a pondering face. Then he collected his thought.
"Oh yeah." said Max, he then walked to his vehicle while Leanne got her keys to open the door to her Frank Lloyd Wright home. While all this was happening, a neighbor down the street which was a mid-40s female with short blond hair, was watching through her window, and Leanne saw it at the corner of her eye, stopping herself from opening the door.
“Oh, God, it's her.” Leanne said, she then turned back to complete the unlocking of the front door and hurried Max inside. That noisy neighbor was disgusted with Leanne act's and also with having Max come over when Leanne's parents were not home. She knew what was going on when it was just Leanne and Max in the house, they were having sex or doing drugs.

Max and Leanne walked into the house with Leanne locking both locks of the door. Then she turned to Max and held him.
"I want you, Max." she said.
Max knew he was going to score points again.
"Listen, Max, I'm going to change, I hate wearing this fucking uniform." She said while she was on her way to her room. This wasn't something Max wanted to hear.
"Hey, Leanne!" Max trying to stop her.
She stopped while she was unbuttoning her blouse, she then turned around. "Ya, Max?"
"I think you look really sexy with that Catholic School uniform on." Max said, finally admitted to his fetish for all the time they were together.
Leanne raised her eyes and smiled, “You and Rob are sick fucks.”
“C'mon, let me have a turn with you wearing that.” Max said.
Leanne began to laugh, next to put her hands on her hips.
“Hey, go call the fucking escort service in Detroit.” Leanne said.
“C'mon, I don't want to call the escort service, I want you instead. Besides, it could be a cop who busts me.” Max said.
     A pause came after, Leanne was thinking about submitting to that, even though she hated wearing a fucking uniform to school, and the knowledge that not only Max and even the dealer Rob had a sick fetish for that, but she knew that sometimes when she was out smoking a cigarette before going to school, the other male students ages 12 and up would stare at her sexually, including all of the old men who were going out for a morning walk.
"Well..., Okay." Leanne replied, walking back downstairs smiling, “You guys with seeing us dressed like this. You are sick fucks, you know?”
“Were not sick fucks, I'd put a dress on if it made you happy.” Max said.
Leanne grabbed Max's hand, then they both walked upstairs to Leanne’s parents room. Since Leanne's Parents, were gone for the night and also the bed that Leanne’s parents slept on was a king-sized bed. It would be better than Leanne’s small room with a queen sized bed.

     They decided that they would go and perform there sexual activity on the parent’s bed. The room was well-cleaned and the bed was made. With a fine oak dresser on the wall opposite of the wall the bed laid against, a walk-in closet and a lamp on each side. Leanne jumped on the bed and sat down facing Max. She then stuck her hand inside her blouse to take off her bra. Max became aroused. His wanker grew a couple of inches, and kept on growing.
Leanne started undoing Max's belt and said, "please try not to shoot one on my parents bed. I don't want to throw all that shit in the wash." Max looked surprised slightly. 
"Hey babe, I won't." He said.
Leanne started sucking Max's cock.


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