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Mourning In Hochington - Day One / III

Posted on March 29, 2011 at 6:25 PM

    It was 6:45pm, and the Auto Shop closed early and the ten employees there, working that day or not working were in the side office celebrating with some food and of course two cakes from Hochington Bakery. The owners bought Chinese food for everyone who worked there and was attending the party. There was a pile of people inside the office, Clayton decided to sit in the closed garage by a light not wanting to be with the pile of people. 

He was eating his Chinese food, then the old salt manager named Allan had walked up to Clayton, with a slice of Chocolate cake on a plate he was holding with his left hand.
“You know, at your other job, they make some good stuff.” Allan said as he approached Clayton. Clayton had a mouth full of Chicken Lo Mein and didn't answer Allan at the time. He grabbed a rolling seat,
“So, you make anything over there?” He asked.
“Only the woman and any man who is gay or says he loves Jesus are allowed to touch the food. All others are pieces of crap and will get minimum wage until the end of time.” Clayton said. He then went onto the next bite of his Chicken Lo Mein.
“Clayton, you sure have some hatred in your heart.” Allan said. Clayton had a mouthful of Chicken Lo Mein, he couldn't think of what to say, a pause went after.

    Meet Allan Crinshaw, a mechanic reaching senior-citizen status and has been working with automobiles since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Certified Mechanics were hard to come by in Hochington alone, he knew it best being a resident there from over twenty-years, Hochington was a place for people trying to find the simple life and some form of rural sanctuary which Hochington did have, but the simple life was hard to obtain in Michigan.

    The state of Michigan alone had a high unemployment rate, and Hochington’s closest Corporate landslide was Chesterfield, which would be a gallon or two of gas one-way, pending on what you are driving, a lucky one would have a hybrid. Allan knew that Clayton would be a perfect host for TV or Radio show discussing news, politics and issues. He knew Clayton was no dummy, but he was a hateful person and he knew controversy and Clayton could make a match. Allan hired Clay for two reasons, one, he was certified, two, he was a veteran of a foreign war, like Allan who did a tour in Vietnam, only he served in the United States Army, which he wanted more of in his staff. He was the top boss, he could do hire whomever he pleased until the Affirmative Action parties came knocking on the door, which to Allan, he could not see that happening by or before he passed on his DNA.

"So, what did that lady want? I heard the delivery lady wanted to talk to you, I heard she seemed bitter." Allan asked Clayton, referring to Laura.
"Do you mean that overweight lady riding on the delivery truck?" Clayton said followed by a bite of his plate.
"Yeah, she works with you?" Allan asked.
"Yes, that's Laura." Clayton replied.
"Yes, pardon more of my hatred, but the truth is that she needs to be in a mental home."
"Heh, how so, Clay?" He asked.
"Well," Clayton said, then he ate a piece of chicken, then continued. "Each time I make a mistake, if I'm not at the bakery, she calls my home phone number and now, she's coming over here and bitching about it."
"Is she your boss over there?" Allan asked.
"Gladly not, she just pretends to be, or she must be under the delusion. My boss is this lovely girl named Sarah, her boss being the top one is Dina Blankenfield." Clayton replied.
"I know Dina, Sounds like Laura she has some problems." Allan said.
"She does." Clayton added.

    While the two sat and talked. Two other fellow employees on looking, one a assistant manager and one just a auto care worker looked through the doorway and saw the two.
"Man, that fucking guy is crazy, he likes to be in the dark." The non-management type said.
"Yeah, I know." The assistant manager said.
The non-management type laughed and said, "Why don't you fire his ass?"
The manager type shook his head, "Can't fire anybody now, I'm an assistant manager. At least the guy does his job."

    Allan sat there for a while, thinking about another question to ask Clayton, while he sat in the dark, eating his Chicken Lo Mein. It was from the only Chinese & Japanese restaurant and take-out serving Erbing and all surround communities in St. Clair County, minus of Port Huron and it’s little brother towns. Then he decided to ask about Dina Blankenfield, the other person who swings the whip on Clay’s ass.
“So how’s Dina Blankenfield as your boss?” Allan asking kindly.
“I like to keep my views and expressions to myself.” Clay said, he really wanted to dispute his two cents about his other boss.
Allan chuckled, “Why’s that?”
“You, like her, are involved with the Western St. Clair County Business Association?” Clay asked, afterwards, taking a bite of his Chicken Lo Mein.
“Ahh, it’s just a once a month meeting, Dina sure seems to bring in Bible readings while making a speech when she gets a turn in our meetings.”
“I didn’t know religion and business were one of a kind.” Clay joked.
“Does she preach at the job?” Allan asked.
“She makes my Atheist ass do the disgusting duties.” He said.
“I don’t think she makes you do that because of your idea that there is no god, for that most of the employees there are female or getting close to my age, if they haven’t yet. You understand that they see you an able body to do the dirty work.” He said.
“I still get paid eight dollars an hour while they get to sit down on a seat, cashing in twelve dollars and hour.” Clay said.
Allan didn’t reply and Clay was finishing up.
“C’mon, Clay, stop sitting in the dark, if you want to sit in the office, you can. You can even have seconds if you want.” Allan said to Clay, trying to encourage him to get out of the dark.
“Sure, I’ll take seconds.” Clay said while getting up and holding his plate, the plastic fork however, fell on the floor.
“Got any more plastic utensils?” Clay asked Allan while heading to the office.
“I got plenty.” Allan said while he followed him there.

    While some R&B music was being played, Max and Leanne were still on Leanne’s parents bed. She held him in her arms, while he was grabbed and pinched both of Leanne’s breasts. Leanne had her blouse off and she was completely topless with her skirt on provided by the Catholic School. Max then started biting at Leanne's left breast. She was pleasured and began to pet Max.

    But then, the doorbell rang. Leanne stopped with the petting a slight two seconds after. The doorbell ringed again. The two paused for three seconds. Leanne wanted to ignore it and started petting Max then rubbing his back. He got the indication that she wanted to ignore the doorbell, so he redirected his cock into her vagina. Leanne wasn't expecting this, but she went along with it. When she was about allow Max to pound her pussy, the doorbell ringed seven times in a row. An impatient somebody was at the door.

Max and Leanne paused.
Leanne rolled her eyes and said, "It's my fucking neighbor across the street."
As she looked down, her thought created an image of herself choking her neighbor to death.
"I can't ever have my fuckin' privacy with this fucking fat skank always having a problem with me." Leanne added to it.
Max stood there in question and for safety sake, he put his slowly losing erection back in his pants. Then the doorbell ringed again, this time, three times in a row.
Leanne got off of the bed, "I'll handle this."
She then grabbed her bra and blouse. She put on her bra and put her blouse around her and started walking down the stairs buttoning her blouse back up. The doorbell ranged again, making Leanne more angry.
“Hold on, you fat cunt.” Leanne said out loud.
While she walked to the door. Max with just his pants on, walked slightly down the stairs to listen to the conversation.

    Leanne opened the front door to see the late 40s aged, blond-haired female who in the past and now, had a problem with Leanne's drug use and sexual acts. Leanne knew her story, she problem and recently went through a divorce and has four children. She was able to keep the house but was soon to lose it due to payments. Leanne with a sarcastic smile, "Yes?"
The neighbor with a slight threatening look, "Are your parents home?"
"Uhh... why?"
"You and your boyfriend are here by yourselves?"
"What's it to you?"
The neighbor pointed at Leanne as a threat, "You better tell me what you are doing in there!"
Leanne's eyes widened and said, "That isn't any of your god-damn business what I'm doing in here. Just because you have four kids and your husband left your miserable ass doesn't mean everyone else has to suffer."
Leanne then slammed the door shut. Max who listened the conversation was laughing silently.

    While inside after locking both locks of the door, she slowly walked to the stairs while the banging on the door along with the female neighbor’s hollering continued. From outside, the neighbor yelled, "You better open this door, Leanne!"
Leanne rolled her eyes and said at a 12-inch voice, "fuck you."
"You know Leanne, you're going to regret this later in life!"
"You're the one who's fucking miserable."
"LE-ANNNNNNE!!!" Along with big bangs on the door, the neighbor was kicking the door as hard as she could. Leanne quickly walked to the kitchen and grabbed a large kitchen knife. She then walked next to Max by the stairs. The kicking continued.
Max with a freaked look on his face said, "This lady is fucking crazy, I think I better bring a gun next time." Max was slightly scared by this, but wanted to appear more aggressive about this situation.
Leanne wasn't scared, she was angry.
"She breaks in, I’ll fucking stab her." While raising the knife up.
Finally she gave up.
"That's it, Leanne! I'm going to call the cops." Then the indication of her walking off the porch followed.
Max then looked at Leanne and said, "She's going to call the cops, lets go to my place."
Leanne shook her head, "She won't call the cops, she always says this."
Max with a pondering face, "Are you sure about this?"
Leanne looked at Max, "Max, do not worry. Besides, she was trying to break in the house. We can get her for that, if she calls the cops."

    The lovely and beautiful, red-haired 32-year-old Sarah Carneal was wearing her lovely black dress with her breast line visible. She was applying her make-up. Although the beauty pageant is tomorrow, she wanted to practice before her beauty pageant day.
Then she started to talk like a man, "So, Sarah Carneal, how does it feel to be Hochington's most beautiful woman?"
Then she changed to her own voice., "Well, Mr.... Dollins..... It's great to win the beauty pageant twice!" With a smile on her face…
Then afterwards became a frown. "No, I shouldn't of said that." She said to herself. She then looked down for a moment. Then she looked at the previous two photos of the last two beauty pageants. The beauty pageant she was in two years ago, she won first place. She had a picture with herself and her husband also smiling. Included in this picture was Mrs. Blankenfield, owner of the Hochington Bakery. And also, a recently discharged Marine with short hair and also Hochington's Man of the Year candidate Clayton Rarset.

    The next one was the pageant that was last year. In this one is where Sarah was second place and lost the pageant to Mona Burns who won that one. Sarah looked at that picture more closely and started thinking of it. She then heard some noises from Tobey's room. He was on his Gamecube. Sarah walked out of her room slowly and then headed through the kitchen to Tobey's room. His door was slightly opened where Sarah could see him playing on his Nintendo Gamecube. Since Tobey is a fan of Pokemon, he was playing the Pokemon Channel. His room was like the average seven-year-old boy’s room if shared alone, a small bed with a comforter of Pikachu on it, with his own Pikachu doll on the bed. He had a entertainment center with a TV, a small radio and his own cable box with parental restrictions.
"Is this the Pokemon Channel?" Sarah asked Tobey.
"Yes, mom." Tobey replied.
The front door opened and Anthony was back home from his day of work. Tobey and Sarah noticed this as Tobey was setting up the game to save mode and Sarah walked out of Tobey's room.
"Honey!, How was work today?" Anthony then turned his head just after he put his work items on the wooden chair in front and noticed that Sarah was wearing a dress. Anthony was surprised to see this.
Sarah read the expression on Anthony's face and said, "Oh, I was just practicing."
Tobey ran out of his room and gave his father a hug.
Tobey went back to his room and Sarah asked Anthony, "Are we going to fool around today?"
Anthony paused and looked at Sarah wearing that sexy dress and said, “As long as you wear that dress.”
Sarah smiled, “No, I have to wear this dress at the pageant, I’m trying something different this year because I was second place the last time.”
“You think it was the dress you wore at last year is what got you at second place? You beat Mona Burns two years ago.” Anthony said while he walked to the room, and Sarah followed, closing the door behind her.
“Two years ago, Mona Burns didn’t even get to the final three.” Sarah said.
“Yes, two years ago, you beat Joie Blankenfield, I though Mrs. Blankenfield was going to fire you.” Anthony joked.
“She can’t fire me because she put too much make-up on her daughter.” Sarah said, “Besides, some of these women that participate in this pageant are starting to look like whores.”
Anthony stopped when he heard that.
“Alright, Anthony, I’m sorry. But Mona last year had way too much make-up and eyeliner on. When she cried tears of joy when winning, you can tell that the tears were ripping all of that make-up on her, I almost wanted to laugh on how excessive she can be.” Sarah added.
Then Anthony said while turning to her, “Maybe you should wear excessive amounts of make-up and eyeliner yourself.”
“Maybe I should.” Sarah said with a idiotic smile on her face.

    Clayton came home at 8:15pm. He entered his home with his long sleeve shirt and jeans on. He was dirty due to his job at the auto shop. Clayton headed into the white-walled kitchen and straight to the old fridge and grabbed a 40 oz beer. He closed the door to the fridge and popped the cap off of the beer, and started drinking. His one downer got the beer bottle half-full, giving him a brain freeze afterwards. He put the beer on the kitchen table and headed in the bathroom for a shower.

    After the shower, Clayton walked out of the bathroom with a pair of sweatpants and a muscle-shirt. He then headed to his phone to check his voice mail. He put it on speaker phone while he did some dishes. The first message was from a lady from a magazine company.
"This message is for a Mr. Clayton Rarset. This is Ally Masener of Newslog Magazine, according to our records, you have not yet paid for a subscription to our magazine. We need to speak to you, call us at 214-555-0683. Thank you."

    When the voice mail asked of what options of the use of the message, Clayton deleted it. The next message was a hang-up, but the voice mail read that the phone number was 555-2400. This number wasn't familiar to him. He went to the next message. The next message read a phone number first before the message started, and he knew who was calling. It was Laura.
"Okay, let's hear what the fat bitch had to say." Clayton said to himself before the message started.
Laura said in a horrid tone of voice: "Clayton, this is Laura. You messed-up two of the boxes. TWO! What the hell is your problem!?"

Clayton started making a quick and small drawing of Laura, as the message continued.
"First, you mismatch two boxes, that's number one. Number two, someone at the shopping center at Erbing said that they didn't order any cookies!"
Clayton made a large circle to represent Laura's overweight body, a small uneven circle on top of it to represent her head as the message ended with this: "I'm going to tell Mrs. Blankenfield about this!" Click.
He finished the talentless drawing making Laura's arms and legs as little uneven circles. He then grabbed a stake knife and stabbed the piece of paper to a small bulletin board hanging on a wall of the kitchen by his phone. That was all the messages.

    A storm of heavy rain was at bliss when 9:25pm struck in Hochington. A storm was said to be around for a while. Inside the Carneal's home were the three. Anthony, Sarah and Tobey. Tobey was at his room supposedly sleeping, while Anthony and Sarah were in the room having sex. Anthony was on top of a fully nude Sarah, while Anthony had boxers on, but they can open up for his penis to come out and go into her vagina. Sarah was hoping for another child and was always trying to get Anthony to perform. He was trying his best to make Sarah moan out an orgasm. Sarah was noticing this and asked him to stop. While Anthony got off Sarah and stood up, it would appear hat Anthony was wearing a condom.
"Honey?" Sarah said.
Anthony stood up on his knees on the bed, scratching his back with a low-toned: "Yea...."
"I thought we were going to have a second child." She told Anthony.
Anthony then looked for a perfect excuse for this particular obstacle. Think Anthony! Think!!
Here: "I thought you wanted to wait a couple of years, Sarah."
She looked at him in slight disbelief as he looked at her with an estranged look.
Anthony then got off the bed and headed to their bathroom, hoping that Sarah wouldn't comment about this at all for the rest of the day, or even the rest of his duration of not wanting another child. He did make to the bathroom without anguished commentary from Sarah. She stood up on the bed and laid upwards. She was hiding her anger she had for her husband. She knew her husband was trying to make excuses out of this predicament of keeping her away from having a second child.

    Just three blocks west from the Carneal's home was the Harolds' home. Which was occupied by Max and Leanne, in Leanne's parents room. The confronter was off the bed completely as the sheets were still on the bed. Max consumed two of the four pills of Ecstasy to find euphoria before sex. But Leanne preferred to pop the pills after sex. Max and Leanne were both nude on Leanne's parents bed, but Max did have his pants wrapped around his ankles. Exactly like Anthony and Sarah, the male was on top of the female for this one as well. Max was on top of Leanne, holding her hands down while the sexual performance was at bliss. Along with some smooth R&B music playing with rappers singing, with an annoying white DJ in between songs attempting to talk like a harden black gang member. It was one of the million FM stations in Detroit that had those kinds of DJs, playing the role as a puppet and playing the same twenty songs over and over and over.

    Max was slightly confused due to which that the drug was consumed earlier, and he was about to reach the climax of his performance, he was a minute away from ejaculation. But the Ecstasy he took earlier now confused him, he didn't know where his penis was hitting. Was it going in Leanne's vagina, or was he just connecting it to the bed sheet? He had mistaken the bed as Leanne's vagina.
She could hear Max moaning, saying, "Oh, that's tight!"
She looked up and saw Max fucking the bed sheet, while he was on top of her.

"Max?" Leanne said, trying to grab Max's attention.
But Max didn't reply to it, he didn't acknowledged it, he was on his way to ejaculation.
"Max, you can cum in me. I'm under those birth control pills." Leanne told Max, just two seconds later, his long moan ended with a strong final howl, which would indicate that he had ejaculated. But Leanne did not feel anything during this.

He came on the bed, and Leanne looked at this in disbelief. There was a large circle of Max's sperm on the cover of her parents bed.
"MAX! I fucking told you not to bust on the fuckin' bed!!" She told Max with a extremely rude tone of voice.
Max sat down on the floor next to the front of the bed, with his back against it. He was feeling the after effects of his ejaculation and the confusion due to the drug.
He knew Leanne said something to him, but it was all interpreted to this: "BLAAAAH! Blah b-b-blah, blah blah-h blah!!!"

The music playing muffled the blahs and Leanne saw all of this and rolled her eyes along with a sigh, she knew Max was drugged and also became lazy after he shot one.
"I shouldn't of had you take the pills just yet. This is the fuckin' second time." Leanne said, this is the second time this has happened where Max placed his sperm on the bed. Max heard something almost normal but could get it all correct.
"Whaaa?" Max replied, not looking at Leanne, for his vision was blurry.
Leanne sighed again like a White receptionist working at the city offices with her tit in a wringer, dealing with people who were inferior. She grabbed a pair of her mother's pants from her mother's drawer and put them on, for her mother and her wore the same size pants. A now topless She grabbed her bra and put it on. She then went to the bathroom to grab a wet towel. She came back with a hot wet towel and blotted Max's mess.

    Max finally got his vision back fully and the undertow of ecstasy was running away from him slowly, but surely. He saw Leanne's back turned to him, hunching over the bed.
"Leanne, put your catholic school outfit on!" Max said in a slurred voice, he wanted another round with Leanne, while she was wearing the catholic school outfit, and since he admitted that he found her more promising in a sexual way. She turned ninety degrees to him while attempting to clean the mess, with a anguished frown.
"I'm pissed off at you! You fucking came on the bed again! You know how long this shit takes to wash off in the washer!?" She said in a lesser rude tone of voice as earlier.
Max in disbelief, got up and took a look at where he ejaculated. He then was slightly embarrassed, but overall sorry for what he did.
He then put his arm around Leanne and said, "I'm sorry babe, I didn't mean to do this."
Leanne looked at him while blotting the wet spot, then rolled her eyes. He knew she was upset. "Leanne, I'll make it up to you this time."
Leanne looked at Max again, then asked, "How?"
Max was attempting to think of a good answer, but the music playing on the stereo confused him.

    Suddenly, banging on the front door was being placed. It sounded as someone took the side of there fist and started banging towards a surface. Leanne stopped what she was doing. Max looked towards the sound and was trying to think. The banging continued, but yet, the doorbell wasn't ringing at all. Max suddenly had a thought that it was the cops; then said to Leanne, "Is that the cops?"
She stood up and looked at the time, it was 9:45pm. The banging continued, as Leanne tried to decide if it were the cops, the noisy neighbor or possibly her parents coming home a day earlier than expected. The banging still continued, usually three to six bangs each time with a pause between two to five seconds. Leanne did notice that the doorbell wasn’t being pushed and concluded that it was the noisy neighbor on an anger trip. But if it were to be her parents, since the front door is locked, Leanne had to create a strategy.
She then told Max, "If I say 'oh really?' out loud, run to my room and hide under my bed.”
Then she handed Max the wet towel that was used to clean up Max semen accident on her parents bed.
"Clean this up, and quickly grab the sheets off of the bed if I say, 'oh really,' okay?”
Max did not want to clean up his own mess he made when he ejaculated.
"Leanne, I.."
She interrupted while walking out the room while putting on her blouse, "Max, clean it!"
He then looked at the mess and raised his hands up. He was embarrassed by this and also didn't feel he had to clean it up.

    The banging on the door continued as the now fully-clothed Leanne walked down the stairs borrowing a pair of her mother's black jeans along with her white blouse issued from the Catholic School. She was very angry and her face expressed it, her noisy neighbor, Max's accident, and the interruption of her private moments were the contributors.

    When Leanne was on the first floor heading to the door, the banging on the front door had stopped. She got to the front door and opened it to and was about to making a unwelcoming hello, but no one was at the door. No one. Leanne was surprised by this and walked under the roof of the cement porch. What the fuck is going on?

    It was heavy rain and the front porch light showing it raindrops fall. Leanne looked ahead at the street, searching for a concrete fact that someone may of been knocking at the door and ran away before she answered the door, but she couldn't see anything across the way due to the heavy downpour, and the available porch lights of the houses across the street were not extremely visible.

    Then she looked at the driveway that goes to her back yard. She noticed something was parked in her driveway, Leanne knew, first of all, that there was no vehicle parked in the driveway when she got home, and Max parked on the side of the street in front to Leanne's house, and Leanne does not own a vehicle. Leanne walked closer to the vehicle parked in her driveway and wondered if her parents came home early by chance. But as she got closer and closer, she found out that it wasn't her parents, it was a green work van.
Who the fuck parked this piece of shit on my driveway?
A combination of anger and unedited Holier Than Thou thoughts were racing through her. She rolled her eyes and turned around to the open front door walking back into the house, closing the front door and locking both locks.
"Max, it's okay, it was nobody." She yelled upstairs.
There was no reply from Max.
She walked to the stairway, "Max, there was nobody there."
But it didn't seem like it was going through, the Urban Rhythm and Blues music was slightly louder than it was.
She walked upstairs looking down, adding, "Max, did you clean that shit up?" with her voice trying to go over the music.
No answer.
It was loud enough for Max to hear that. She thought Max was angered by the fact that she mad him clean up his ejaculation mess. She looked up, and noticed that the door to there parents room was slightly open, she saw through the open spot and it appeared that Max was laying down on the front end of the bed, with his legs on the floor. Leanne thought that Max was being extremely lazy and walked fast to the door.
She opened it fast and said in a rude tone of voice, "Max, you’re....."

Max's head appeared to be caved in slightly, but enough to announce that he was hit in the head by a large object.

    She instantly knew foul play was part of it, her mind went from anger to scared, wondering who would do this. She was breathing hard and heavy breaths as she gazed at Max's possible lifeless body. Her mind kept playing a message of calling the police, even with the music up somewhat loud.

    The many loops of that made it concrete, that she finally erupted herself to call the police. She was going to rush downstairs to the kitchen to call the cops or to do something, like leave the house and call the police at a neighbors house was also a good option. But as she hoped for nothing to come in between her and the phone or to safety, when she made her first step out of her parents room, a man over six-feet-tall, very well built, with a face of scares and dark glasses to cover his eyes had appeared with a heavy log of a well-sized mass that he carried in both hands. It being held in a throwing-from-the-side position. Before Leanne knew it, the man took the log and smacked Leanne's face with it.

    Leanne saw a flash of light as the log hit he left side of her face. She made a slight scream when log made contact with her face. She was knocked out and made a hard fall to the floor, close to Max's legs. The wood texture of the log made a bloody marking on the left side of Leanne’s face. After she was hit with the log two seconds after, Leanne was unconscious, even after falling onto the floor. The man with the heavy log stood there for five seconds, basically making sure that Max was dead or at least out for a good while, and Leanne was neither. The man then walked out of the room and bent over to get two large black body bags he brought it.

    He then put on a pair of rubber gloves and then grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around Max. He put him inside of that body bag along with the blanket shielding it. The man dragged the body bag he set for Max, and he opened it wide. He pushed the blanket along with Max's body that fit into the perfectly.

    Leanne was next, he grabbed her hands and put her wrists together. He held them up with one hand and with the other, he grabbed his duct tape and wrapped the tape around her hands and wrists. After ten or so repetitions, her hands were tied together tight. He wrapped duct tape around her head to cover her mouth. Her hair got caught inside the duct tape seal while he wrapped it around her.

    He went to the body bag that was not occupied, opened it up completely to input Leanne in it. He then laid Leanne down stiff as a board and picked her up. He carried Leanne to the body bag nearby and zipped it three-quarters of the full way, giving Leanne breathing room.

    He grabbed the body bag containing Max and threw it over his shoulder and started carrying the bag downstairs with ease. He then made his was to a kitchen that wasn't lighted much due to no light on but a light on in the living room, and exited the side door that lead to the driveway where his work van is. The driveway wasn't lighted and due to the heavy downpour, he was practically invisible.

    He opened the back door to the van as all of the lights that turned on when a door was opened were all covered with duct tape, reducing lighting to a minimum. The man threw the body bag containing Max in the van. He then closed the door and walked back in the house for the body bag containing Leanne.

    When the man arrived upstairs, he saw Leanne concuss but disoriented. He pulled out a small plastic bag of blue oval pills and put one on the palm of his hand. He went to Leanne with this while he stepped on her chest. Leanne was trying to escape out of her bag, but could not push over the zipper on the body bag. He went to her with his knee on her chest and zipped it down half-way. Leanne was too scared to struggle against it. The man sat Leanne up and with his knife, he carefully cut the duct tape layers of ten and then pushed the pill down her throat.

    She finally got some of her courage back and tried to scream for help, but that didn't work. Thanks to the music being played at a high volume. She just wouldn't swallow the pill and thought it was poison. The man acknowledged that Leanne was not complying, he sat on Leanne's lap and on her arms. He wrapped his legs around while his knees were up, laying her on his legs at a 45 degree position. With his left hand, he covered Leanne's mouth, with the other, he pulled out his knife and put the pointy end of it to Leanne's neck, which would give Leanne the indication that she should swallow the pill or else.

    Leanne's eyes widened, she hasn't been this scared ever. Her mind reeled confusion as the knife was pointing at her neck. she blinked her eyes four times every two seconds while tears dropped down her cheeks. Her confusion was not allowing her to swallow the pill.

    The ugly man, the knife, the poison trying to go down her throat, and the indication that her life will soon be over. Before she knew it, the man pushed on her mouth to cover the duct tape on her mouth, dropped the knife and quickly wrapped layers of duct tape over her mouth, all before she could attempt another scream.
    The man did three repetitions of duct tape over her lower head with the ten that were already there. He pushed Leanne on his legs and grabbed his knife again. Leanne made a slight painful moan when her back hit his legs. Her tears were becoming more heavy as her left side of her face mixed tears and blood, both sides were dropping liquid of the sort. Her right, just tears. Her left, tears and blood mix. She then looked at the man grabbing his knife, also noticed that his was becoming rather aroused by this. He has a hard-on. She breathed hard through her nose as she figured that she is dealing with a rapist.

    The man put the knife standing up straight in front of Leanne, shaking at as if he was taunting her Then he turned it upside down and grabbed the handle. He slowly moved the knife to her leg and put the sharp end of the blade to her leg and twisted it, piercing through Leanne's skin. Her scream for help was a failure due to her mouth duct taped. It was just a muffled moan of pain, then sobbing. The heavily muffled scream made her swallow the pill. She suddenly stopped as she choked the pill down completely. The man knew this and dropped his knife on the floor and got off of Leanne. He then pushed Leanne down hard into the body bag. Leanne's eyes were wide as she sobbed and screamed hard, but it was muffled of course. He then zipped the bag up almost completely, leaving some six inches to allow her to breathe through her nose.

    He picked up the body bag and tossed it on his shoulder to take downstairs to his van. Leanne struggled inside to do anything to get out of this situation and to give any alert neighbors looking through the back door windows any indication to contact the authorities. A man with a moving body bag that made sounds of sobbing and muffled screaming was walking downstairs. Before making it to the living room, the man dropped the body bag with a ecstatic Leanne moving around, hoping for a communicated signal to the neighbors that she was being kidnapped and also drugged.

    He dropped the bag with force and walked to the living room door. The man still wearing gloves walked to the light switched and shut the light off. Now, there were no lights on in the house besides the light on in Leanne's parents home, along with the slightly loud R&B music. He walked back to grab the body bag and walked through the darkened house with the mobile body bag on his shoulder again, heading to the side door of his van. Leanne suddenly stopped due to the disorientation that came back to her, this time, the pill she was forced to take made her disoriented, making her half asleep and half awake, along with confusion.

    The man with the body bag containing Leanne walked outside with the heavy downpour continuing on. He went to the back door, with his left hand opening the two door back, while with his right hand carrying the bag, with the help of his shoulder. The doors were wide open and with his anger with Leanne, he threw her inside the back of the van.

    He went back inside the house, walking back upstairs to pick up his log he attacked Max & Leanne with. He then grabbed the wet towel that was used to clean Max's error in sexual healing. The blood of Max that was on the floor was cleaned off completely, along with the comforter to dry it off. The man took the log, the blanket and rag and piled it all up to hold in one hand. He turned the radio down to a close bare minimum, and walked out. The man carried the knowledge that the authorities would find out sooner or later that this will be foul play, but it only time will tell when it comes. He left the house with the living room light on. He went to the back of his work van and threw the log, blanket and rag inside. The log hit Leanne's left hip and rolled off. Leanne made a slight moan when it hit her. The man started up the vehicle, and drove off into the rain.

    It was now 10:30pm and at the Hochington Police Department in the downtown area was occupied by just one police officer. The clean-shaven and young police officer named Torbine was running the overnight shift. The glasses-wearing was cycling through any complaints filed for the day. The one that stood out was two complaints filed of a teenage or twenty-something woman exposing her breasts to passer-bys while traveling north on 31 just getting to the border of Hochington & Erbing Townships. It was the largest crime reported in town committed that day while crimes like this were rather uncommon in the city. The worst common reported crimes in Hochington were usually people seen smoking marijuana, or just regular disturbing the peace calls. Nothing suspenseful really happened in Hochington.

    The Hochington Police office and jail were put together, since Hochington is a small town with just the crime of teenagers being stupid, random potheads and strange drifters floating on by, or getting caught while floating on by with unanswered warrants. There were two desks with computers on the left, a shelf with books on the bottom and telephones on the top with a few radios charging up. On the right wall was all of Hochington PD's information, maps and etc. Straight ahead was two jail cells on the left, a open door that appeared to be a locker room just right by it. Another door on the right was to Chief Haas' office.

    Torbine walked to his computer and pulled up the record of Leanne Harolds. Leanne was charged once last year for disturbing the peace, and also was ticketed for possession of marijuana. Although it was a short record, it was long enough to spell troublemaker in Hochington. Torbine decided to go to Leanne's home and ask a few questions. He left the headquarters and the young officer was on his way to the Harolds' home.

    Officer Torbine parallel parked just next to Max's car and shut off the engine. The uniformed officer wearing a light rain coat provided by the police department with the proper Hochington Police Department insignia with it, walked up the steps of the home, while the rain poured in. He took the bottom of his fist and banged on the door. The light on the living room was on, and Torbine thought there could be a person in the living room. But after he ranged the doorbell quite a few times and also knocking at the door, no one answered. Torbine didn't want to make some form of a scene and placed a Hochington Police Department door hanger with the written information to call the police department right away.

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