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D.U.I. "Life Gamblers"

Posted on April 2, 2011 at 11:40 PM

Its three o’clock in the morning and me and three other friends are on our way to our favorite casino in Oklahoma City.

My Name is Bryan and I am sitting behind the driver whose name is Marcus, and to my right is Don, in front of him is Calvin.

Just Marcus and I are awake, Don and Calvin are like babies, and they go to sleep anytime a car travels more than twenty miles.

“Hey Marcus,” I said. “How much you going to gamble?”

“I got three hundred but I don’t know if I am going to spend it all”

“I got five hundred and I am going to win or lose using every damn dollar I got!” I said

In an excited way.

Marcus kind of looked back at me in the mirror, laughed and said, “Man you crazy.”

Just then, I saw lights rush at us and I screamed, “Look out!” Marcus turned and wheeled hard to the left to try to avoid the on coming blinding light but we crashed head on into what ever it was and the sound of the impact deafened me, I couldn’t hear anything but I was alive, I knew that much. I called out to the guys “Is everybody alright? Marcus! Calvin! Donny! Answer me!” there was nothing but silence then I started to hear the groans of at least two. I kicked at my door and finally got it open; when I got out, I noticed that the two front doors were crushed. I looked at the other vehicle that was entangled into the front of ours and the driver wasn’t moving at all so I started to pull Don out of my side door, to the ground then went back, and reached for Calvin and he screamed “Nooo! My legs are crushed man! I can’t move”

I asked Marcus “Dude can you move?” He mumbled “No way” I told them to hold on and that an ambulance would be here soon. Others that witnessed the accident had already called the paramedics and by this time, there were ten or so people around the scene. A man walked up and asked me was I all right and I said that I was but two of my friends were trapped the other was sitting up with his head in his hands still kind of shaken. I told the man “Excuse me”, walked over to Don, and asked, “Are you hurt man?” He looked up at me and said, “Man I could of woke up dead” He shook his head then said, “Nothings broken but I am real sore.” I said, “The paramedics will be here soon man” Don looked over at the car and asked “What up with the guys?” I said. “They are alive, but pinned in the front seat, but the Paramedics will get them out, don’t worry brother we all made it but the other guy didn’t.”

Another Guy walked up and said to us that the other driver was driving on the wrong side of the road for about four miles and that he almost hit him. I did not agree with the man but he said the person got what he deserved drinking and driving. Somebody lost someone they loved even if he was in the wrong he did not deserve to die. But I guess it was his time, and it wasn’t any of ours.

We all learned a valuable lesson that morning on highway 35 north,

And that was that the great Determiner determined our lives were to be spared and death couldn’t have us. We took a gamble with our lives on the way to Oklahoma City and won, and that was my last gamble in life.

The End

“And the beginning”

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