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The Dream Chronicles, part 1

Posted on May 24, 2010 at 11:42 PM

Twenty somewhat years ago, I started remembering my nightly dreams, most of which I realized were tied together. Continuous. Like those weekly television shows that have season finales. So I started writing them down.  And just last Semptember 2009, I decided on writing a book based on these dreams but now seem to work better as a graphic novel in the making.

The images you will see here are made using stock photos from Deviant Art that I compiled and photoshopped all on my own, with the permission of the authors. Of course, I would love to have an actual graphic/ comic artist do the art work with me. But that shall be accomplished hopefully in the near future.

So far I have written twenty-one scenes and will be posting five at a time. I hope you guys don't mind. I just wanted to share this with the community, for the love of the written art.



Flashes of broken images.


1. There is a young girl screaming with one hand reaching out towards the frame.  Behind her is a burning hut surrounded by grey and black smoke. 


2. There are a thousand stars that unblinkingly fly slowly past the frame.


3. A moonlit beach by a Ccliff side filled with people.  There is an island’s silhouette on the horizon. A big boat is cruising toward it, filledwith people.


4. Sunset.  Heavy traffic jams the highway on an early evening.  Beyond the lined- upcars, army troops storm toward toward the unknowing citizens.


5. A rundown theme park stands inside a garden maze. A small broken roller coaster, a huge door by the Horror House, a dry water slide that goes beyond the ground, and an ice castle in the distance.







The woman sits by a sidewalk, smoking a half-done cigarette. Her gaze is dazed.  One hand fiddles with a chalk on the ground. There are chalk symbol markings of different colors.  She stands up, flicks the cigarette,and walks away, not looking back.


Close- upon the slowly dying cigarette on the street.  Grey smoke curls up. The red blaze slowly disappears.




INT. Late Afternoon

The woman and a man sit on a couch.  The sun’s rays come in from a nearby window.  The man is tall, dark- brown skinned,with a mop of black hair on his head.




I really don’t know why but there are days when I’d wake up really, really tired. 

It’s driving me nuts!


The woman smokes a cigarette. Inhales and puffs it out immediately.

Then there are nights when I can’t sleep. My body is too tired to move, but my mind gets so busy, it’s like it doesn’t want to shut up.




Maybe you should go see the doctor and get some sleeping pills, or something.  You know, to help?  You might still have jet- lag.



I don’t like drinking chemicals, and no, I don’t think it is jet-lag.



Chemicals! Hahaha!





I’d rather drink tea.



The phone rings.  The woman gets up to get it.




(Still chuckling.)

Yeah, tea!

Those got caffeine too, you know.


The woman ignores him and answers the phone.


A couple of birds fly past the window where the telephone is.  The woman looks up, and for a second she felt déjà vu.





INT. Bedroom.Night.


The woman now pajamas tosses and turns in bed.

Close- upon her face.  She is in deep sleep.  Her eyes indicate R.E.M.


She starts humming a tuneless tune.

(To be continued...)


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Reply Admin Frank
3:31 PM on May 26, 2010 
Weirdness, I like it.

And Deviant Art is a pretty cool place, I must say.
Reply Phil Neale
6:58 AM on May 28, 2010 
As with Nathan's stuff, this script reading is all new to me, but it moves on pretty well, and is quite different from the one posted by him.
Reply jipper
1:21 PM on June 5, 2010 
This genre is new to me also, but I like the mix of visual, narrative, and dialogue.
It's like this lady is living two worlds, conscience and un-.
I'll be checking out more for sure.
Thanks for sharing,