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Da Rules

Here's Da Rules

I'll try to make this relatively painless. I originally looked at a Terms of Service function, but that was way too wordy, and lame. So I'm writing it myself.

If you have any questions about Da Rules, please let me know,
Admin Frank

Da Rules
Da Readin' Postin'
Da Comment Postin'
Da Community Postin'

Da Readin' Postin'

For Da Authors

Here are a few rules on posting to the Read page.  I have no desire to constantly implement rules on posting, so let's be fair and civil. Please submit to the following rules.

  • You can only post 3 submissions per week.  A new week starts Monday, and ends on Sunday.  So every Monday you have 3 new submissions to make for that week.
  • You can only have 2 submissions present on the Read page at once.  If you have 3 or more on the Read page, one or more may either be deleted or postponed using the posting scheduler in the "Advanced Options" of your post.  This means, that if you have 2 posts on the Read page, but you still have 1 more submission for the week, you can't use it.  Stories that appear on the Read page and quickly vanish often get lost in the shuffle, and are seldom read.  We need to be fair and share the front page.
  • Please review other peoples' work.  Do not consider this restrictions as holding you back, but rather as giving you more opportunity to read and comment on other peoples' work.  It's important that we aren't just hanging pictures in an empty room.  Let's keep this place a community.

Please refrain from the following when posting a submission.

  • Do not post anything written that is sexually graphic, pornographic, etc.
  • Do not post any images that are the same as the previous.
  • Do not post malicious submissions, such as an attack on a fellow writer.
  • Do not upload somebody else's work ever (unless you can prove permission to do so, but do that first). Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and could end up in an instant account deletion. Fan Fiction is an exception to this rule, but it still has to be your original work, that is that it must be written by you.
  • Do not post blogs, this is not your personal blog. This would include things such as news, announcements and so on. You can post announcements, news and such in the Forum or on the Calendar if it is an event.
Such posts will be deleted, and your account may be deleted if you do not learn your lesson or if it was deemed malicious.

Consider others.
  • Please use some consideration when posting something with a significant amount of foul language (and I'm not talking about bird talk, that's fowl).
  • If you are concerned about your work being too mature, please feel free to save it as a draft and send the link to me, Admin Frank, and I'll check it out. Saved Drafts appear in a tab on the Read page, and is only visible to moderators and myself.

Remember that being an author at Emerald Dragon is a privilege, so don't abuse it, otherwise I'll abuse back.

Future help.
I am considering a rating system to help with considerations. I'll post an announcement, if and when I do that.

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Da Comment Postin'

For Da Readers

Please be constructive when posting a comment on someone's original work. If they have mistakes, point them out. If you feel something could have better, say so. But recognize the difference among opinions, styles, and mistakes. Just try to be constructive in general, if your comment is not to help the author make their work better, than it's not a good comment. It's not constructive.

Constructive criticism.

  • Encourage.
  • Correct, and proof.
  • Praise.
It's okay to not like someone's work, we all have different styles and opinions. But you can still encourage good writing, correct and proof mistakes, and praise work that isn't you cup of tea.

Nonconstructive criticism.
  • Discourage.
  • No corrections, nor proofs.
  • Spout off.
Nonconstructive criticism will not be tolerated, and can quickly lead to account deletion.

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Da Community Postin'

For Da Members

The Community is great, because you can communicate with your fellow authors, talk about randomness, have fun, and start collaborating if you want. Community tools are pleasant tools, and should not be used to stir up trouble. The Community tools include The Wall, Forums, Profiles (where you can become friends, post to their wall or send a private message), and Instant Messaging with your friends on Emerald Dragon.

Please refrain from the following when posting to the Community.

  • Sharing nudity, porn or the such like.
  • Cussing like a sailor, or otherwise being abrasively offensive to others.
  • Posting anything malicious, such as an attack on a fellow writer.
Such nonsense will be deleted, and your account may be deleted if you do not learn your lesson or if it was deemed malicious.

Show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
  • Emerald Dragon will not tolerate malicious behavior, so be respectful. Those who are authors here are not professional authors, or at least most aren't. They are learners, so be encouraging, not discouraging. Take into account that not everyone is perfect like you.
  • Teach someone instead of becoming irritated if you read some bad grammar or spelling. Share the knowledge.

Laugh and be happy
Smile right in their face
'Cause pretty soon
You're gonna take their place
Randy Newman

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